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In our daily life, people spend more time focused on their cell phone than they do focused on the task at hand. But, do we realize it? Or have we become oblivious to the ways that cell phones are cluttering and slowing down our daily lives? One restaurant in NYC was able to provide some interesting insight into this problem. After beginning to receive complaints about their service being slow, and the food often being cold, they decided to investigate. Nothing seemed to have changed in what they were doing, but sure enough, people were complaining. Read their findings in the images above. It seems that the restaurant wasn't at fault, but that patrons who were more preoccupied with their phones were causing slow service for everyone. What do you think? Are we affecting others negatively with our use of cell phones, especially in settings like this, and can it be fixed?
@sjeanyoon we seem to be living in a narcissitic world these days :( @caricakes They definitely would!
I think we all just want things faster and faster, but I bet they'd also complain if their food came out bad because the restaurant was rushed.
That's ridiculous, although I am definitely guilty of this at times. It just bothers me that people are so unself-aware!