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It still amazes me to this day how swiftly time flows. I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that I was posting cards and chatting with fellow Vinglers. It's definitely been a lot longer than that. I certainly hope that you've all been well and enjoying the beautiful community that is Vingle. I was in downtown Chicago recently and took a number of architectural shots while on a sailboat. The day was absolutely perfect. It was cool, breezy, with plenty of clouds that made shooting a bit easier. I found myself constantly moving around the boat and I am pleased with the results for a number of them. Again, hello to my old friends who are still here and hello to new members. Just shoot me a message if you ever want to chat. I'm not the best about replying in a timely manner, but I will eventually. (^_~) ©Charlie Chan Photography
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Yes sis been busy, since my son started going to school.. Miss you too.
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lovely photo!
3 years ago·Reply
Hi, very nice pic!
3 years ago·Reply
wowwww your pics r always stunning i really miss you :)
3 years ago·Reply
Your header to the pic is so true! Thank's for the share!
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