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So according to Reuters, another food scandal has hit China and it's hit hard. The scandal is spreading fast, sweeping Starbucks, Burger King Worldwide Inc and others, as well as McDonald's products as far away as Japan up in the controversy. The problem? It turns out that Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, a unit of U.S.-based OSI Group LLC, had been supplying expired and contaminated meat (mostly chicken) to the above firms. Chinese representatives of the firms have been lining up to issue apologies to Chinese consumers. who may have come into contact with the meat. McDonalds representatives in Japan have also issued apologies after it came to light that 20% of McNuggets are produced with Husi-sourced meat. Sales of McNuggets were halted on Monday. Following a string of food scandals in recent years, most famously the tainted milk scandal which left 6 infants dead and thousands sick, Chinese consumers have increasingly turned to foreign brands, which they expect to have higher safety standards. This incident highlights the difficulty firms face in ensuring quality and safety along the supply chain in China. The case has been handed over to the police who will investigate all OSI group sites in China to ensure food regulations and safety standards are met. Companies affected by the Husi Scandal: -McDonalds -Papa Johns Pizza -Starbucks -KFC -Burger King -Pizza Hut -Dicos
Another reason why I love home cooked meals :)
It's a good thing I don't really eat at any of these places~
Luckily I dont eat at any of those places (sans Starbucks) but I'll definitely tell my Japanese fam!!