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Square A square jaw accents the angularity of your face, so softly rounded brows are the way to go. “Make sure your brows are not too angular,” says Healy. “But beware of making brows appear too round; you don’t want to over pluck and create rainbow-shaped brows!” Round “If your face is round you want to make sure your brows are very angular,” Healy advises. “Because there is a lack of definition in a rounder face, the perfect angled brow can bring out and define facial bone structure that is lacking or not present.” For round faces, a higher arch is flattering. Long “A long face is characterized by features that are vertically stretched out,” Healy explains. “In this case, it is important to extend the tails of your brows east-to-west to really play up horizontal features.” Heart “Although bold brows are in this season, a heart shaped face will definitely want to steer shy of this trend,” Healy says. “ Because of the petite jaw line and emphasis on the upper portion of the face, it is important to keep brows well-manicured and exceptionally groomed.” Oval A classic, balanced brow is perfect for this well-proportioned face shape.
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I am slowly venturing into the world of eyebrow shaping so this really helps haha
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I can barely see a difference between some of these. Perhaps this is why I'm an eyebrow disaster...
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@galinda Right there with you. I just let it go....and occasionally trim up hahaha
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