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Have you ever seen a seal? How about an elephant seal? What about one of the largest group of elephant seals?! They live in California! The northern elephant seal is one of four types of pinnipeds (or "fin-footed" mammals) commonly found in Southern California—others include harbor seals, northern fur seals, and California sea lions. The five isolated islands that make up this national park are home to one of the largest gatherings of these mammals on the planet, with over 50,000 northern elephant seals alone breeding here each year. These unique animals get their name from the long, almosttrunk-like protrusions on males’ faces that are used to make a low, rumbling sound during mating rituals. You can find northern elephant seals on many beaches on Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands, but the real seal mother lode requires a little extra work. Hiking to Point Bennett on the western tip of San Miguel Island is intense (it's a 15 mile round-trip hike trek), but well worth it. As you come over the Point's rise about halfway through, you'll spot thousands of honking elephant seals camped out on the beach. To avoid the glare that can occur when shooting around reflective surfaces like water—or the seals’ glistening, wet bodies—don’t use a flash directly on those areas. Try focusing on a darker part of the scene to prevent overexposure. Do you want see them?
@traveller there are seals in a surprising large number of places in north america actually--hopefully you get to go!
I can honestly say I did not know that seals lived in California! How awesome~ I'd love to visit them - I've only ever seen seals in captivity
@caricakes @sophiamor @timeturnerjones It'd definitely be amazing to visit!
I've never seen a seal outside of a zoo, so I would love to go here and see seals doing what they do!
Look at that third picture! We dont have this up as far as LA, how cool!
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