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"It’s been 25 years since the birth of the modern romantic comedy. Beginning with When Harry Met Sally … in 1989, the genre has become a launching pad for some actors and a refuge for others. In these movies we find predictable moments, heightened notions of love, and a lot of questionable outfits." I can't tell you how many times I have seen 'When Harry Met Sally,' but I can tell you that I have cried through each and every time. Something about romantic comedies is good for the soul. Through the corny situations, the happy endings, or the 'true love,' we can all get lost in a good rom com. 'When Harry Met Sally' didn't do well in the box office, never won an award, didnt even have very good reviews, but something about the film sparked the era of rom coms that hasn't ended yet. This article explores the just what it was about this film that created this golden genre. (Warning, quite a long read!)
Nice article; I feel like I am so used to rom coms that I didn't consider that they're a fairly "new" creation as far as movie genres go!
This movie made me fall even deeper in love with New York City. I always love a good rom com, but nothing beats the original.
One of my favorite films! Not the best story, but its such a guilty pleasure :)