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Birth Name: Kim Tae-yeon (김태연) Nicknames: Taeng, Taengoo (Taeng9), Tete, Kid Leader, ByunTaeng (pervert Taeng), JumTaeng Position: Leader & Main Vocalist Date of Birth: March 9, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Bloodtype: O Sibling(s): 1 older brother, 1 younger sister Language: Korean (Fluent), English, Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic) Casted: 2004 SM 8th Annual Best Contest (Best Singer 1st Place Grand Award) Training Duration: 3 Years 3 Months * Despite her kid-like appearance, Taeyeon is the oldest member and leader of SNSD. * Taeyeon is the SNSD member with the largest fanbase. Her fanbase is the largest among female idol singers in Korea.
I had no idea she was the oldest! She could totally pass as the youngest member.
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I've always wondered where she got the nickname Taengoo from... anybody know?
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she's so pretty^^
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I love her so much! 💞💞💞
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