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Claiming to be your "sixth sense", the pocket molecular scanner, SCiO, now allows you to find calories and nutritional values of food by simply scanning it with a small device. It also is able to identify pills by scanning as well. The rate at which technology is advancing is crazy! This device would be super useful for Diabetes patients because it will allow them to control their diet more as well as identify any medications they are taking. Pre-Order Price: $249.00 Expected Release: December 2014
this would be fantastic! I'd no longer have any excuses for miraculously momentarily forgetting how many calories are in Ben & Jerrys....
oh, it comes with a mobile app.. this is what I get for not reading the article ;)
@aeternitii aaah I should have mentioned that
Now someone, quick, make a compatible phone app so I don't have to manually track my food consumption :O Though how would this device work for something like a sandwich, where there are layers of foods with different nutritional densities?