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HSK 5 Vocabulary 6
1. 口味 kǒuwèi taste, flavour 个人口味不同。 People's tastes differ. 2. 保证 bǎozhèng to guarantee 我保证说到做到。 I guarantee I'll do what I say. 3. 具备 jùbèi to possess, to have 他具备党员条件。 He's qualified for Party membership. 4. 学术 xuéshù systematic learning, science 我支持国际学术交流活动。 I support international academic exchanges. 5. 愿望 yuànwàng to desire, to wish 她出国进修的愿望终于实现了。 Her wish to go abroad for advanced study has at last come true.
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I'm using these - they're really good. I'm trying to make extra sentences with them to make them stick!
I think these are a bit beyond me but I'm still learning the words...now I just have to put myself in situations where these words will come up!