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Here are five easy words/phrases you can learn from this video. Watch the subs for more vocabulary :) 자신이 있어 (jashin isseo) - I have confidence 고마워 (komaweo) - thank you 영원히 (yeongwonhi) - forever 꿈 (kkum) - dream 시작해 (shijakhae) - to start If you have any more questions, just ask^^
What does the double 'k' mean in dream?
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Also don't forget if you are talking to someone older than you or who isnt your close friend, say komaweoYO! to be polite :)
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@caricakes right!
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@kpopandkimchi ㄲ is just an alphabet...when pronounced, it is more emphasized than the regular ㄱ...for example, 꿈 is pronounced "kkum", but 갈 is pronounced "kal" which is softer...
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@tellasirima Thank youuuuu!
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