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Sleepio is a UK startup whose goal is to help people with sleeping problems sleep better. This online program is built to help you sleep more soundly without any medication. It's clinically proven to improve sleep on 75% of even the poorest sleepers. This is such an interesting project! You create an account and it asks you about your sleep habits...then it gives you a score based off the data it collects. After that point you must pay :( Wouldn't it be amazing to have technology that could cure insomnia, anxiety, or depression without the need of medication?
@timeturnerjones so awesome, I'll check it out!
@WiviDemol believe it or not I honestly fell asleep so much more peacefully on the first night! I don't know why but ill take it. The one I use is called Twilight
@WiviDemol I still havent tried a sleep timer, but I have been using a blue light blocker on my phone at night to help me sleep.
has anyone tried this?
I should probably try this...I wish they offered a free trial or something similar
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