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Defender is the first smart personal protection system that includes a camera and pepper spray. Let's say you are attacked with someone. If you spray someone in the face, Defender will snap a picture of the attacker and authorities will be alerted and help will arrive. All of this is connected to either an apple or android phone app. Pretty neat stuff. If this could work internationally that would be awesome, especially for women who like to travel solo. (Website:
@TechAtHeart I should get this! my university can get scary at night...esp after long labs and having to go back to my dorm so late :(
hello, i don't say that not works, what I means is, delivery February 2014 and pre order don't make sense, for example delivery in December 2014 pre order now, so make sense, damnn what I means is the website still don't get updates.
@csgeek oh no :( I'm glad this is exists for women to feel safer
ahh ok. i thought you meant the site was down @carlostkd
@carlostkd it seems to still work for me. what is it saying to you?
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