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Younha made a comeback at the start of this month with a solo remake of 'Umbrella'. 'Umbrella' was originally released by Epik High with Younha featuring on the chorus. I have to admit, although I'm a big fan of Younha's smooth vocals, Epik High's rapping was really what carried the original track and Younha's re-released version is just a bit too safe and boring for my liking. That said, it sold particularly well in Korea, topping the music charts for a while and achieving an all kill (topping all the music charts at the same time). Since it's pouring with rain outside and I forgot my umbrella, I figured this song would be appropriate!
I love Younha, but her remake can never top the original. Tablo's lyrics are gorgeous.
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@kpopkimchi well said
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one of my favourite tracks
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