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Meet Jillian Mercado, wheelchair-bound and absolutely gorgeous.
Jillian Mercado has had muscular dystrophy, a disease that progressively paralyzes the muscles over time, since birth. But she still refuses to be anything less than fabulous, and inspires me to not let my situation dictate what I can be. She starred in Diesel's edgy new ad campaign, which I bet will only be the first of many future conquests. She refuses to be an outcast in the aesthetics-driven fashion world, saying: “It’s boring to see the same people; if you’re different, it’s sunlight in somebody’s world.”
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When I first saw the diesel ad, I thought to myself, "why did they make the wheelchair so big, black, and obvious? Then I realized, that reminder of her disability shouldn't be unattractive, and shouldn't be hidden. It's part of who she is, and that has as much right to be on the diesel ad as anything else.
@aeternitii Exactly! It sticks out to our eyes at first, but really, it shouldn't! And hopefully, someday it won't
what an inspiration. I'll admit I noticed the wheelchair too but you're completely right @timeturnerjones hopefully a time will come when our attention is no longer drawn to a wheelchair or something similar