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Another invention that could potentially become an extension of our human body :O !!! Can you imagine a world where you would no longer need AC and you would never sweat? MIT is working on a prototype that could potentially do that and save energy. The wristband is described as a "hermoelectric bracelet" that "regulates the temperature of the person wearing it by subjecting their skin to alternating pulses of hot or cold". What do you think about this? Many people comment that they could see this being on a smartwatch...
Stuff like this seriously freaks me out. I could see how this is important for people working in hot/cold conditions, but the average joe? Wear a sweater! Drink some cold water! Cool invention, but not for me!
ok. this is too coool! i live in california weather is close to perfect. maybe if I lived in the east coast I'd use it!
@csgeek haha....true Californians would not need this...unless we wanted to cool off
@caricakes it looks amazing but I think you're right. Honestly, I don't see how subjecting the skin on your wrist to hot/cold pulses of air could regulate your entire body's temperature. I dread to think how much this would cost...
that looks amazing!