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There's been a lack of girl groups in this collection! I apologize, so let me make it up with Nine Muses. I think it's amazing how synchronized they are as you can see in the .gif!
nine muses is one of my favorite girl groups! considering the number of members they have it must be hard to be this synchronized
They look so fierce because there's so many of them haha They're changing members soon right?
@kpopandkimchi Yess they're in the middle of choosing new member(s?) right now :)
@eunhaelin wait - new members? who left?! Did anyone see the documentary that they were featured in that exposed the lives of trainees? It really left me with a renewed appreciation for their hard work and determination...!
@funkystar25 most recently, sera, lee saem, and eunji have all left the group, although they're still under star empire. I did see that documentary! even seeing all that I'm still sad that sera decided to leave :(