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Daniel suggests to find out what kind of person Gun is, and he does that by hugging Miyoung. Fortunately, as soon as Gun sees that, he stomps over and pulls Miyoung to his side. What is a priest doing with another man's wife? Daniel smirks, "Are you sure that's your wife? If she is your woman, you shouldn't make her sad." Gun finally notices Miyoung's expression and asks if Daniel was bothering her. Daniel remarks that he was curious too, about what kind of man Gun is to make such a kind woman cry. Miyoung speaks up and says she's leaving first. Gun runs after Miyoung, she needs to say something for him to understand why she's upset. As long as they're living together, they should maintain their dignity. Miyoung remarks, "Dignity? You mean when you treat someone nice to their face, and do unbelievable things behind their back?" She asks him what she means to him. Gun: "Of course you're my baby's precious mother. Before the baby is born, I'm responsible for your health and mind, not letting exert yourself. A very special woman. Miyoung interprets that as without the baby, she would mean nothing to him. When the date comes, she'll pack up her bags and leave and fulfill the contract. She's nothing more or less than that. Gun is visibly frustrated, because he doesn't understand what she wants to confirm with him. Miyoung sits outside on a bench, and Daniel comes and tells her she doesn't need to hold back her tears. Miyoung doesn't know why she keeps crying, when they have no relationship with each other. She feels resentment towards Gun because Yeoul Island is where her father is, where her whole family is. She asks Daniel for advice, but Daniel confesses to her that he's not actually a priest. Miyoung doesn't say anything, and just leaves. At home, Miyoung packs up her things. Gun adorably comes home with a cake to try to cheer her up, but he catches her leaving with her luggage. Miyoung says she's going to down to Yeoul Island, but Gun protests that the contract states that they're a couple until the baby is born. Miyoung plainly says that it doesn't mean they have to be together all the time. He told her to live like she wasn't there, she's only doing that now. Gun's anger takes the better of him and he allows her to leave. On her way out, Miyoung passes by the cafe, where Daniel is still working late into the night, installing an electric sign on the roof. He then plays a message for her on it, "Kim Miyoung, please forgive me. I was wrong." Aww! He invites Miyoung into the cafe and makes her dinner. Meanwhile, Gun broods and eats the cake alone, trying to convince himself that he loves his newfound freedom. He jumps at a text, but it's only Secretary Tak. Then he tries to kill time by doing all kinds of exercises but he just looks like a mad man. He crashes onto the bed and contemplates deleting the picture he took of Miyoung while she was sleeping, but cancels it. He doesn't understand why he's so frustrated even though it's going according to contract. Because you fell for her, dummy. Miyoung discovers the sketches of Daniel's sketches of his little sister at the cafe. He tells her she and his sister have the same name, Miyoung. They were separated when they were kids. Miyoung tells him to cheer up, but Daniel reflects that right back to her. He offers to be her older brother, whenever she's having a hard time she can come to him. Then as an older brother, he tells her to go home. No matter how bad her husband is, he'll be worried when his pregnant wife isn't home at this time. Gun meets Miyoung right outside of the house. He asks her, "Do you enjoy making people worry if you're just going to come back home anyway?" Her excuse is it bothered that she couldn't say bye to Grandma. Gun snaps back, what about me? Do you know how worried I was? He catches himself and points to her belly. He was worried...about the 23rd generation. Miyoung thanks him for caring about her when everyone used to call her "post-it". Then they go inside and sulk in their own corners. At the office, Secretary Tak informs Gun that he scored a meeting with D. Pitt in a hilariously over-exaggerated fashion (not unlike Gun's normal behavior), but Gun shoots him down and says not to do that, it makes him tired. LOL. Of course they don't realize that D. Pitt is Daniel. Their meeting is far from comfortable, Daniel says, "Now that you've confirmed my identity, could you stop staring at me?" He wishes to keep the meeting strictly business. Daniel confirms that the reason he wants to do business with Gun's company is none other than Miyoung. Gun: "Did you forget that I said she's my wife?" Daniel: "You've never treated her like your wife, so I forgot." Ouch. Miyoung meets with Jiyeon, her friend. Jiyeon gives her children's books to read to her baby, and says that it'd be even better for the baby to hear their father's voice. At home, Gun, Grandma, and Gun's stepmother sit down to enjoy some food. But when stepmother opens the fridge, Gun suddenly starts gagging, claiming to smell something that makes him nauseous. Miyoung comes home and the same thing happens to her, so now they're both gagging. Then stepmother just keeps opening both of the fridges and triggering nausea in both of them simultaneously. It's HILARIOUS. So then Gun and Miyoung finish their food elsewhere. Hearing that Miyoung's nausea is due to morning sickness, Gun gives her some of his noodles to help her symptoms. Gun asks her if she's still going to Yeoul Island. Miyoung says not right away, but one day she will. On another day, Miyoung's second oldest sister and her husband come to visit. Miyoung and Gun end up having to rush to clean up their room to remove any evidence of them sleeping on seperate beds. They suggest to go on a date on the Han River. Gun is about to agree, but Miyoung declines for him, saying that he's busy. Later, Miyoung's sister and her husband are being lovey-dovey, leaving Miyoung by herself. Gun surprises her by showing up and poking her shoulder. She's confused at his kind gesture, questioning which side of Gun is the real Gun. Finally we're getting somewhere with this misunderstanding! She asks him why he's selling the soap factory, when all of her family is depending on that. He's about to explain the situation, but Miyoung's sister overhears and it sets her off in a rage, pulling on Gun's hair LOL. All of a sudden she freezes, then so does everyone else. With all that commotion, she goes into labor. Gun and her husband bring her inside the boat where she has resort to pulling both men's hair so that everyone besides Miyoung is screaming. In a moment of rest, she finally lets go of Gun's hair and finally Gun can say that he didn't sell the factory. Their moment of shock doesn't last long as Miyoung's sister starts her contractions again. Gun looks for a doctor on the boat, but since there isn't any, he ends up delivering the baby himself. When they're finally at the hospital, Miyoung's entire family is there. It's a really sweet moment; everyone is in smiles and laughing, and Gun even gets to hold the newborn baby. That night, Gun tosses and turns in bed, unable to sleep. He opens the door and awkwardly makes his way to Miyoung, who isn't asleep either. He tells her to go sleep on the bed, almost forcing her with his laughter. Later, Miyoung sends him a series of texts. "Thank you for today." "Also, from now on I'll try my best not to cause any harm to you." "Like when you take off a post-it, without a trace... I'll act accordingly to the contract. Don't worry." Gun is obviously troubled by what she said. The next morning, he asks Secretary Tak to get a schedule of flights to New York, so that he can tell Sera everything. At home, Gun is in his room when all of a sudden he hears a haunting voice. It turns out it's Miyoung reading the baby the children's book in a deep voice. So Gun comes over and starts to read to his baby in his usual animated manner. Aww!!! Later, Miyoung looks at her phone, but Gun hasn't replied to her messages. Suddenly he walks in to the room and sits down beside her bed. He tells her that she's not a post-it to him. Don't forget that she's a strong person. He gets up to leave and all of a sudden something cracks and he doubles over in pain. He blames it because he's been sleeping on the couch, so Miyoung naturally says they can switch again. Then Gun gets up quickly (too quickly) and says it's not right for a pregnant woman to sleep uncomfortably on a couch. Of course there's no other option left but to sleep together. You sneaky! They finally lay down together to sleep, saying they're SOOO comfortable. Both of their hearts are beating loudly, aware of each other's presence on the bed. Miyoung tries to convince herself it's not because she's nervous, but uncomfortable. They both turn to each other at nearly the same time. Miyoung says she thinks it's better for her to sleep on the couch and gets up to leave, but suddenly Gun pulls her back and she ends up in his arms. He pulls her into a kiss......and the episode ends. COMMENTS How could you end the episode like that?! That's just cruel. I enjoyed watching Gun fall for Miyoung so much in this episode. He's also finally realized it, seeing as he's planning to tell Sera everything about Miyoung. I'm still anxious about that, because we know that Sera is coming back sooner than expected and that will mess with all of Gun's timing. The sooner she comes back, the less time Gun has to figure out his feelings. I don't appreciate Daniel at all. I'm sorry Choi Jin Hyuk! Even if he knows Miyoung and Gun are in a contract marriage, it still doesn't give him a right to butt in in the way he already has. They're still married, no matter what. Anyway, I'm finding myself liking this more than I thought I would! I guess I've gotten used to Gun's laughter for one, haha. See you tomorrow for Episode 8! :)