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He is literally SMOKIN in the first pic, but then he turns into a total cutie in the next two. He confuses me, but I'm not complaining *_*
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@StephiiKins, went to Kcon yesterday!!! wish I could be there TODAY! CNBLUE will be performing.
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@dramacrazy, I'm jealous!!!! I want to go soooooooooooooooooooo bad
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@StephiiKins, I am indeed blessed. my student's dad provided us with four tickets. we saw VIXX, IU, TEEN TOP, B1A4, and G-DRAGON. Lee Gung Gi was there too.
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@StephiiKins, forgot to mention. I took a picture with Sean Richard. he was in Feast of the Gods, Athena : Goddess of War, Jejungwon, and Take care of us, Captain.
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@dramacrazy ok, now I'm really jealous
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