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Hanjo’s explosive rescue—literally—of Yeonha and Soo In providing the means to do so solidify his identity to those who’ve long suspected he is Yoon Kang. Soo In must also realize that Yoon Kang is the gunman. Soo In, especially, has to understand the gravity of today’s incident, as her unknowing involvement in Yeonha’s rescue in which a skeezy public official was also killed could mean danger to her family’s security. Armed with all this knowledge, maybe now she’ll stop pressing Yoon Kang for his identity … not that that matters much anymore since Won Shin is intent on sticking it to our hero.
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@divalycious hi...i read in tweeter acct of lee jun ki he wanted to die in the end of joseon gunman huhuhu...like iljemae ... nononooooooooo...i like he and soo in have a happy ending...