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AHHHHH I just watched Time Slip's Ep 21 preview, OMO soooo exciting, I think Jaejoong's acting is getting better and better *swoon* Don't forget to follow me to get updates on ur fav dramas! Here's my page ( You can check out the TIme Slip party for more stuff too! ( ======================================== Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 21 Written Preview If everything disappears... Let's hope for the best... Even with the best efforts of Jae Hyuk and the noblemen, the violence continues. Jae Hyuk was deeply moved by Choon Hong's last words to him - they hit him straight at the heart. He stands firm no matter what! Meanwhile, Byung Hee orders the death of Go Jong, but Kyung Tak plans to kidnap Go Jong's carriage.... 어차피 사라질 거라면.. 차라리... 진혁과 흥선대원군의 노력에도 불구하고 병인양요는 시작되고... 춘홍의 마지막 말 에 충격을 받은 진혁은 뭔가 결심한 듯 절벽 끝에 선다. 한편, 고종을 죽이라는 병희의 지시에 경탁은 고종의 가마를 납치하려 하는데... Video preview here everyone --> ====================================== Please SHARE this with all Time Slip fans!!! Dont want my translation to go to waste :D