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While scrolling the news today, there was a feature piece saying "Popular South Korean rock band Daybreak has returned to the local music scene, equipped with new sounds and fresh musical approaches." I looked...and looked again. Daybreak? I'd never heard of them. A Korean band I'd never heard of? Definitely warranted a look. The result? A fun, feel good electro synth pop track that I couldn't help but giggle along to. With a real smooth, 80s feel, the track is the kind which inspires dad-dancing and all round silliness.
I love love LOVEEE this beat! Awesome find! We need a Korean Indie interest I think...
@maryjane01 ..I've never actually heard of them before (and I know K-pop) so I don't think they're thaaaat famous but it seems like they're reasonably well known...
I love the feel of this song - a real summer song. Are they famous in Korea?
@Honeysoo ... seems like I have to go listen to the rest of this album
I liked their song Waterfall off this album more than Hot Fresh, but its still fun!
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