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So I went back with another friend last weekend. She'd split up with her boyfriend and was in desperate need of some feel-good, comfort food so off we went! This time we ordered to Diavola Pizza which was delicious but surprisingly spicy - it really packs a punch! We also ordered the shrimp cream pasta which was heaven in a bowl! Actually, the pasta arrived first and by the time we'd finished the pasta we were actually nearly full!! We managed to eat half the pizza before conceding defeat and getting the rest to takeaway!
back to Dochi - I totally love that place~!
@aeternitii yup - take out is a really big thing - nearly everything can be made to go. Also, if you go to a restaurant and can't finish your food (typical example of eyes too big for your stomach) then you can just say '포장주세요' (which means 'pack it up please').
You can take out food in korea? How do you do that? What do you say?