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Recently I have been including competition dates, like go-karting and paintball, but today I thought I'd give you all a break :) Seeing as it is summer, why haven't I mentioned more water sports?! Snorkeling is a beautiful, calming way to pass the afternoon and will be a great memory for you and your partner. You can usually rent snorkeling gear for around $15 a day, but find out how much it costs to purchase. It might be less than the rental for two days. I found a video of one couple's snorkeling date and thought it would inspire some of you to get in the water. They had a great time!
That looks like such a cool idea. I have no idea where I could go snorkelling near where I live (local pond?!) but it's still fantastic. I'll be saving this one for our next holiday!
Super fun, but I'd get so sunburned haha
This looks fun, especially if you bring an underwater camera with you!
This looks like so much fun! I've only been snorkeling with big groups of friends, but it would be a really fun date as well.