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Prompt: Halloween costumes reveal much about who we are underneath our contrived, ordinary selves. Think back to your childhood and relive your favorite Halloween costume—why you chose it, what it divulged about you, and how it felt putting on the costume. Something mysterious and compelling happens when we try to be something or someone else. Explore that experience. Recommended length: 200 words (or more!)
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I'll get the ball rolling-here we go! I distinctly remember being thrilled that my mother would let me go out as a pumpkin, no!, a jack-o-lantern. Every year before I felt swamped with the other kids-going as a ghost with my ghost friends, or a cowboy with my cowboy friends. But a jack-o-lantern! Who knew such wonder? Who got such attention? I was ready to glow. When I put on the big, fluffy pumpkin piece, my mom was expecting tears. Expecting me to hate it and hate how I couldn't quite fit through doorways. She didnt expect shrieks of glee and endless rolling on my big, plushy lanterm belly-but I did it anyways. And I'll never forget.