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Prompt: Everyone has a favorite article of clothing—an inherited wedding dress, a flannel shirt borrowed from an old friend, a warm pair of socks received on Father’s Day. Find an article of clothing that you can’t throw away because of an emotional connection. Write a piece describing why this piece of clothing means so much to you, and use it as a source to explore people, time, and how simple objects can possess so much meaning. Recommended time/length: as much as you need
@greggr This one is so interesting that I can't choose...hmm. Ok here goes. I bought the lime green sneakers in Europe. In Italy. In Milan at a United Colors of Bennetton before I knew about designer brands or expensive stores. I bought my lime green sneakers and climbed my way through Europe, thru a summer, and all the way ti senior year before suddenly, I only had a left shoe. How does one shoe go missing, and did half my memories go with it? Could I still see in my memory the vatican walls covered in mosquitos, or was only ha e of David visible? Half the object, half the moments: were they really gone?
Even though my dog hates my noisy socks, it wouldn't be Christmas without them. Huge, knit socks adorned with a big felt reindeer. 2 golden bells on the left, and 1 on the right, but only because it myseteriously disappeared. My steps always sound unevenly weighted, but maybe, I like it better that way.
@MatthewGuevremo The line that was most telling for me: "you know what the stripes are vertical, that's what makes it special" is more telling than everything else you told me. It's so familiar, and so loved, and yet, we still don't remember it properly. Interesting, no?
you know what the stripes are vertical that what makes it special.
I purchased a sort in 2006 that has seemed to be aalways on the forefront of my mind. it's yellowish brow wide horizontal stripes seem to be the only way I can picture myself while I am picturing myself in anything. it's probably the ugliest shirt imaginable, but for some reason, I can't seem to stop wearing it. singed with cigarette burns and slightly thinning it is my diamond in the rough.
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