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Jesus is standing in the middle of the big yard of the synagogue in Migdal. A great crowd have gathered around to hear him. "Do you really think what matters to God, is weather you put on your right shoe first, or your left? Or do you think his wish for you is that you will have to pay so much to the priests of Jerusalem for their services?" "They say to you that you should repent, for the day of judgment is near and the kingdom of heaven is soon to come, but I tell you, the day of judgment is this day and the kingdom of heaven is right in front of you!" And as he speaks, he looks around for those that their eyes may tell him, that they understand that he doesn't speak about himself. But then a blind woman comes out of the crowd and slowly walks toward him, and with an excited voice she shouts, " Lord, you are the judge, and you are the savior!", and he stands there silenced, not knowing what to do with her.
@orenshani7 No problem; I really enjoy reading and giving some feedback. Very much looking forward to reading more that comes from your pen.
@greggr, I'd like to thank you again for your comments. They are really helpful and encouraging.
One of the strongest parts of the writing in this collection is that it makes a familiar story ready to be understood by anyone, easily. Words like "yard" and "put on your shoe" make it so! Thanks for sharing.