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Telus Email Not Working on iPhone

TELUS is a famous telecommunication company that helps you provide various services worldwide. TELUS is now setting up the email to their multiple users, and you need to upgrade it to the higher version. To set up the TELUS email on your iPhone or IOS, you must have the email id and password you used to log in to TELUS mail. After that, you need to perform the below steps:

* First, you need to open the settings of your iPhone and go to the account and password option.
* You need to select the add account option to proceed further and navigate to other options.
* With this, you need to tap on add mail account and get the new page on your screen.
After that, you are required to enter the complete description of the account, like full name, email, and password.
* Once you click on the Next button, your mail will find out the email settings and complete the account setup.
* If your mail finds out the TELUS email settings, you need to tap on the Done button to complete the process and set up the TELUS account.

If you cannot set up the TELUS mail account, you can contact their customer service team. They will help you in TELUS Email Not Working issues and give you the solution. You can find the different contact modes on their help section and connect with the experts in no time.
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How will I cancel my Suddenlink subscription?
When any discussions about the Suddenlink, and users want to cancel their subscription, they prefer ending it by themselves. Many users come up with the question can i cancel suddenlink online, and if yes, how is it possible. Suddenlink is a telecommunication company based in America and is preferred by many users. Users prefer buying subscriptions to Suddenlink to watch movies, web series, and other entertaining shorts. Some users are stuck in the situation when they want to end the subscription but are unaware of the process.  Steps to cancel the subscription to Suddenlink: The ways that users can easily follow and their subscriptions are as follows in the below section. * The first step is to open any web browser on a mobile or laptop. * Go to the official support website of Suddenlink and log in using the correct username and password. * Click on the ‘Account Information button’ present on the left side of the home screen. * After navigating it, there will be a lot of information given on the screen that users need to go through. * Search for the ‘Account details’ secti0n on the new page and hit on it. * A new screen will appear and locate the ‘terminate account’ button.  * Once the account is terminated, users will be provided the mail on their email address about subscription cancelation. For further information on How to cancel Suddenlink online, users can contact the customer support agent of Suddenlink. The users can ask them the process to cancel the subscription and other information. Until and unless the subscription is not expired, users can take advantage of the subscription and watch all the entertainment sort of things.
Why is my Suddenlink email not working?
Suddenlink is an active service provider in web portals, online services, online news access, weather forecast, entertainment, and more. It provides its subscribers with 2.5GB of space on the server. If you are facing issues with their email service and looking for Suddenlink 24 hour support, follow the article to know more. Troubleshooting from User End Troubleshooting is a good practice. Before connecting to customer support, go through the following steps to understand the problem. * Check the username and password entered carefully. As cliché as it might sound, incorrect spelling is the most common reason for this type of problem. It never hurts to double-check your spelling.  * If you forgot the password, select Forgot Your Password on the login page to receive further instruction. * Another possibility is using the wrong username, typing the wrong spelling, and using a completely different username are two different things. If you suspect you have the wrong username, select the Forgot Username option on the login page and follow the instructions given. * Make sure the individual device in use has a stable connection. * Try using a different browser. * While using third-party email clients and manually configured accounts, recheck server settings. * If the issue is from the server side, it is advised to connect to customer care. Connecting to Customer Service Connecting to their customer care is easy, and one can access the SuddenLink customer service 24/7. You can call 877-794-2724 or log in to and choose the most feasible option.
Why my PayPal is Not Working?
Paypal is one of the most used online transactions, but there will be an endless number of problems at times. The PayPal customer service numbers are available to assist its customers, providing the most genuine services to all its customers.  Troubleshooting steps are there through which you can fix up the PayPal account.  There are several reasons that PayPal is not working properly, and you do have to make sure you can avail the services of PayPal as desired by the customers.  Confirm your Bank:-  If Paypal is not working fine for other people, the problem may be that the service has not been verified by your bank account and PayPal, which cannot authorize your transactions.  Use your Paypal Balance:-  If you face any card or bank accounts, using the money in your PayPal balance instead can sometimes get PayPal working.      (C) Customer Service Phone Numbers.  The customer service numbers of PayPal do make sure you can avail the services that provide you the most genuine or sufficient services to all its customers.  If you require any assistance, you can call on its 24x7 helplines numbers, which ensures you can avail the services as desired by the customers.  Conclusion:-  The ways mentioned above will guide you about How do i speak to a live person at PayPal and what things you should keep in mind while using the services of PayPal, which provides you the most genuine services to all their respective customers. You have to make sure you can avail of the services described by the customers.