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Bored with your usual brew of coffee and wondering where else you can find good local coffee shops in Jakarta? Here are recommendations from the five top food bloggers living in the capital city. One Fifteenth Coffee One Fifteenth Coffee at Jl. Gandaria I No. 63 in South Jakarta is a shop that any hipster soul could appreciate because of its clean and minimalistic interior and rustic, yet modern decor. It becomes a favorite coffee hunting ground not only for coffee connoisseurs, but also for avid instagrammers from everywhere. A personal favorite of food blogger Ellyna Tjohnardi, the place serves Indonesian coffee with seasonal availability of imported coffee from countries that the owners visit. The serving method can accommodate personal preference, too, whether it is for syphon-brewed, V60-filtered, or made in some other way. The people behind One Fifteenth are not just staff who work for the sake of getting paid; they are all passionate about their jobs and know exactly what they are doing. "One of the baristas, Rizky or fondly nicknamed ‘Ais’, recently made it to the top three Indonesia Barista Championship," writes Ellyna, who started her blog on in August 2011 initially as a medium into which she could pour her personal thoughts and feelings, but after a few posts she began to focus on the topic she's most passionate about: food. Ellyna adds that One Fifteenth’s recently updated menu, which was produced with the collaboration of Masterchef Indonesia judge Arnold Poernomo, offers a refreshing and tasty all-day breakfast and many sweet dishes. "One that should not be missed is the scrambled eggs, which is a serving of soft cooked scrambled eggs sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan cheese, sauteed portobello mushrooms, crispy pork bacon and toasted brioche," writes Ellyna. Trafique Coffee The newly opened coffee shop at Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No.9 in South Jakarta is rather difficult to locate because it doesn’t have any signboard, so you need to be observant and find a white brick building with a yellow door and a huge yellow number 9. But, according to Julia Veronica and Marius Tjenderasa, food bloggers of, you will instantly fall in love with it. "The ambiance inside was so calm and homey; it was like we were visiting a friend’s house," they say. In addition to the ambiance, the beverages at Trafique are also good. The staff roast and grind the coffee on their own. There is quite a selection as well: from hot to cold, from manual brews to unique combinations using tonic water and other ingredients. One of them, called Spresso (priced at Rp 32,000) is a unique combination of Sprite and espresso. It tastes like coffee soda with a fresh lime/lemony flavor from the Sprite, but the combination isn’t weird at all. In fact it’s refreshing. Blacklisted Coffee Located on the first floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue in South Jakarta, Blacklisted Coffee is a personal favorite of Yenny Widjaja, who enjoys eating and traveling and later shares her opinions on "Why? Because it has a very cozy place to hang out with my best friends. Not too big, but not too small," writes Yenny. Other than offering simple yet delightful coffee, Blacklisted also has other kinds of beverages, such as its tasty peanut butter chocolate drink and its uniquely flavored beers. "The food is appetizing as well. I recommend the Truffle Fries as an appetizer, Fettucinne Carbonara for the main course and Blacklisted Cake for dessert. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed," adds Yenny. Giyanti Coffee Roastery Food blogger Rian Farisa immediately mentions this particular establishment at Jl. Surabaya No. 20, Menteng, when asked about his favorite coffee shop in Jakarta. "Extraordinary coffee brews only available during odd hours are an experience that you will only find in Giyanti. Unlike most coffee shops that open all day, Giyanti serves the currently peak public interest in coffee only from Wednesday to Saturday from morning until before evening," he says. "I used to have the privilege of having these artisanal black potions in the morning back when it was still quiet, but now this hidden gold mine has been discovered by local and foreign enthusiasts. In Jakarta, Giyanti is the closest personification of famous coffee shops in Melbourne where people would crowd them all day for the coffee," Rian added. "Hendrik Halianto has been exceptionally passionate as an expert barista, roaster and owner. My highlight of his recent roasting profile was this beautifully made, fluffy and full of scent Torajan espresso that leaves a significant sweet tone that I never found in others. I even returned my cup directly to the bar, asking for my seconds." Quoted from his blog, Rian stars himself in a video about how a culinary correspondent living a life full of flavors bursting from his exciting gastronomic escapades and, at the end of the day, lives to retell his chronicles on Pandava Coffee Pandava Coffee at Epicentrum Walk Kuningan, South Jakarta, is a favorite of Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto, also known as Hans, who has been dishing, documenting and publicly publishing his love for food on since October 2012. "Pandava offers amazing coffees due to its great roasting, grinding and blending," writes Hans. He recommends Pandava's Piccolo Latte or its milkshake creations to those visiting the establishment for the first time. "I also love Common Grounds, which has the same owner and almost the same products with Pandava, but flavorwise I love Pandava more," he adds. Truffle Fries as an appetizer, Fettucinne Carbonara for the main course and Blacklisted Cake for dessert. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed," adds Yenny.