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After a busy day, you rush home ready to eat whatever you can find. You snack a bit from the fridge, then move to the cupboards, trying to find something that will help keep you satisfied until dinner. If this sounds familiar, listen up! Eating while distracted is a surefire way to eat more than you intended, since you're not paying attention to whether or not you're full. And if you're constantly grazing, you might not remember to track those calories you're casually consuming — another mistake that can sabotage weight loss. Eating in front of the TV can also be too distracting, so whether you're snacking in front of the fridge or relaxing with dinner on the couch, take a look at your meal habits to see if they are a reason why you're not seeing the scale budge. If they are, move your dinner to the dining room or kitchen table and be sure to pay attention to your body's signals to stop when you're full.
This is why I refrain from buying popcorn at the theater. It's too tempting to finish the whole bag of buttery popcorn.
I snack when I'm bored so I try to keep myself as busy as possible - and I always carry water with me, I find it really helps
I'm guilty of snacking, but only when I'm bored at home. When I'm out and about I am proud to be a very healthy eater :)
I am a notorious grazer. I try to keep snacky foods out of my house and if anything only have raw, healthy snacks like nuts and veggies :)