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Ok...this isn't quite in Seoul but it starts in Seoul and ends in Seoul so I guess that counts?! How does a day trip to Jeonju sound? Pretty good! The best part? Transport to and from Jeonju is free. Yup, it's free. All you need to claim your free tickets is a foreign passport. The exclusive free shuttle bus for foreign passport holders travels between Seoul and Jeonju and will continue to operate until the end of 2014. The Seoul-Jeonbuk shuttle bus that operated last year to promote ‘Visit Jeonbuk Year’ contributed significantly to improving the area’s tourism. As a result, Jeollabuk-do decided to offer a free shuttle bus service to run between Seoul and the most popular city in Jeollabuk-do among tourists. The shuttle runs a round-trip service three times a week (Fri, Sat, Sun). Jeonju is a great day out. It's home of iconic Korean dish Bibimbap, there's no place better to eat it! Ideas of things to do in Jeonju: - Eat Bibimbap! - Visit the Jeonju Folk Village (Jeonju Hanok Village[전주한옥마을]) - Visit Pungnammun Gate [풍남문] - Visit Gyeonggijeon Shrine [경기전] For more information: Homepage: Inquiries: +82-2-1577-2507 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) Email:
I am saving this! I'm not sure if I'll get to Korea in 2014, but it still sounds like a fun day trip, even if I have to pay for the tickets!
I love bibimbap~ I visited Jeonju last October with my younger sister - we had a fantastic time