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1. Having low-resolution photos Since you are displaying your best work, it is best to have your pictures high-resolution. 2. Using Adobe Flash Having a flash website is bad for SEO and it will not load on most mobile phone. Seeing that users are on their phones more would mean that it is more likely now than ever for users to try to access your website with their phones 3. Not giving enough information People want to know who you are, where you are, and how much you charge if you provide services. Make sure to mention where you are based and if you are willing to travel. Also, make sure to give a starting price for packages to give potential customers an idea of your prices 4. Not having a clear way to contact you If someone likes your photography but has no way of contacting you, then there is a problem. Having a contact form is ideal and makes it easier for people to contact you when they are on your website. 5. Having an outdated website This is a general problem for any type of website. Make sure to update your website with latest photos. A good solution to this problem is to have a blog section where you continually blog about your photoshoots