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HSK 1 : And
This structure is used when you need to list nouns, whether two of them or more, 和 (hé) is what you should use. Structure: Noun 1 + 和 + Noun 2 Examples: 他 和 我 都 不 喝 红酒。 Both he and I don't drink wine. 我 喜欢 可乐 和 茶。 I like cola and tea. 我 和 他 一起 工作。 He and I work together. 我 的 爸爸 和 妈妈 都 是 70 岁。 My dad and mom are both 70 years old.
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Ah - I remember my first days of learning Chinese!
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My friends who went to chinese school always used hé as "and", but in taiwan we mostly use gēn; hé always sounded a little too proper to me. Maybe it's a regional difference in language?
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@aeternitii that's really interesting. do you mean gēn as in 跟? like 'with'?
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