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Types of Surgery 1. Lumpectomy - a surgical removal of the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue that preserves most of the breast tissue. 2. Mastectomy - a surgical removal of all breast tissue without damaging the muscle underneath. 3. Lymph node removal (also axillary lymph node dissection) - may be performed in addition to lumpectomy or mastectomy if cancer is detected in the lymph nodes. 4. Prophylactic mastectomy or ovary removal - if someone has a high risk of developing breast cancer, it is possible to lower the risk of its development by removing one's breasts before cancer develops, or removing one's ovaries to prevent estrogen from triggering cancer development. Risks of surgery: 1. Wound infections following surgery - can usually be taken care of with antibiotics. 2. Wound healing complications, i.e. hematomas (accumulation of blood in the wound), seromas (accumulation of serum in the wound), or excessive bleeding. All can be treated at a hospital; for bleeding, consider donating blood before your surgery. 3. Lymphedema (failure of lymph nodes to draw fluid away from your surgery site, resulting in swelling and stiffening of tissue) - can be prevented by doing the exercises prescribed by the doctor and moving that body part regularly. 4. General anaesthesia complications - very rarely, people under anaesthesia that leaves the patient unconscious will suffer from breathing and heart problems that lead to death.