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Kevin's always got good reviews to share, and he really said everything I have to say about this lure on here, so I thought I'd share it and just highlight the main points I think you should know as well. - I prefer the white bellies over the than belly - For a good hookset, reel the line tight before setting the hook or just let the fish take it tight. If you do the second you'll need pliers to get it out. - Bend the hookpoints up a bit for easier hooking.
@BobGriffith exactly! man sometimes people are afraid to go too big or too small, but its really not about a set size but about making sure you fit the circumstances you know? just like sometimes you gotta trim your tails more than others on the frogs, make em wobble, or whatever. little changes make big differences I always say
I'm also subbed to this guy on YouTube we have had good talks going back and forth on lures and what not great video though PS maybe if he was using a bigger frog were he was fishing the bass would turned on and crushed his lure!! look at the frogs he was catching !!! Rule of thumb always match lure/bait to what they are used to eating if they always eat big frogs than that's what they are going to hit !!!