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This cyclist honked his horn at van driver after the driver improperly overtook him. The driver, now angered, stopped his car and opened the door in the path of the driver. The cyclists road away for a brief moment, but was later chased down knocked off his bike and assaulted. It's unbelievable someone would act this way to another person, especially when the only thing the person did was ride a bike on the road. I think it's about time for me to get a camera for cycling.
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@GuillermoGarcia Thank you. I had no idea.
oh my god, my heart went out to the biker, thats just ridiculous....ppl now and days are too hot headed, i really hope that driver got charge for assault....
I can't believe that kind of thing would happen - I'm not a huge cyclist but I cycle quite a bit back home and the thought that somebody could do that is just appalling. Like @cheerfulcallie my heart really went out to the cyclist~ I hope he gets his comeuppance....
@GuillermoGarcia Be careful with that thing, don't keep a round in the chamber. You never know what could happen if you crash....@cheerfulcallie @funkystar25 As far as I know the cyclist got a warning because it was his first offense..
What a jerk. Take a chill pill