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Here is the most civil argument I have ever seen between a cyclist and a driver. The amount of restraint they both show is truly amazing, because it is obvious they can't stand each other. The driver was attempting to merge because the two-lane road was about to turn into a one-lane road. However, the driver did not see the cyclist who was parallel to him in the other lane. The cyclist tapped on the driver's car in order to alert the driver of his presence. This is where the driver gets angry, and forces the cyclist off the road right before their civilized discussion. If I was the cyclist, I would not have shown the restrain that both of these men had. Like this card if you can't believe how civilized both of these road users are!
This was totally surreal.
Haha yep civility at its best
I like this. They're both willing to participate in the discussion until completion, and they both somehow are able to keep from using profanities and keep from losing their cool! I'm impressed! It ended in such a way that made it clear who was wrong in the situation. I love driving, and I have a somewhat large car, being a 1971 Chevelle sedan. I used to get annoyed a little bit about cyclists, but I quickly changed my mind because I also love cycling and it's sometimes hard to find a good line to ride in the streets.
@teamwaffles as an avid driver myself, he has no answer. He is just flat out wrong, so he cannot answer anything that would make sense lol
Both of them seem to be boiling under the skin! @Goyo I agree that the driver seemed to get a little tripped up there. Not a good answer!
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