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How does divorce affect children?

Divorce is not an easy process to go through as a family. However, sometimes divorce becomes a necessity for the couple, as they may have reached a crossroads in their marriage and it might be better for both of them to separate. Adults going through a divorce process have to adapt to new changes which include taking numerous decisions relating to financial and emotional aspects.

This process is even more difficult for children, especially when they are very young. At a tender age, children are not able to understand the new changes that arise from the fundamental fact that they will not be able to live with both parents as one family. Therefore, children must adapt to the immediate change of living with one parent alone and seeing the other parent only occasionally during the designated visit time. It becomes even more difficult when a parent decided to emigrate and thus permanently moves out of the country of residence of the children, which leads to even fewer personal visits. Emotionally, all these changes take a toll on the child's psyche and parents must strive to make the transition as cordial and friendly as possible.

Studies show that a divorce process can have the following effects on children, depending on their age:

For toddlers and preschoolers: because they are so young, children do not understand the need to be permanently separated from one parent. The concept of two houses can fill children with worry and fear. They feel anxious when they are not able to be with both their parents and can quite often feel that they are not loved by the absent parent.

For children of primary school age: A divorce process can cause them stress and anxiety and often makes them feel guilty about the changes it brings. Children of this age group often think of guilt and may feel that the divorce is due to their mistakes or shortcomings.

Research shows that children are often the most affected by contentious divorces, which can be reflected in increased behavioral problems, poor academic performance and also in children's mental health.
Children need to adapt to the new changes, and one of the best ways is to keep up with a regular visit schedule and provide them with easy access to both parents that suits their needs. A regular schedule helps to bring a needs-oriented structure into their lives, and children might understand that both parents regularly prioritize their needs.

Parental support and reassurance can avoid many of the likely challenges, especially if parents can put their children's needs before anything else. Parents should also consider seeking the expert help, which can include medical and psychological support in helping their children. Solving anxiety problems through professional help has proven to be of great value to children. An expert is often able to identify the cause of a problem rather than focus on the behavioral issues alone, and can help the parents to understand better and guide them in helping their children cope with such challenges.

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How to change local sponsor in Dubai?
Prior to the recent amendment of the Federal Law No.2 of 2015 and its amendments (‘UAE Commercial Companies Law’), it was a mandatory requirement for expats to have a local sponsor to be appointed in the company. Such local sponsors would also be holding 51% of the total shareholding of the company. The local sponsor will also hold additional duties as well as rights , or in some instances, the parties would enter into a side agreement to ensure that the full operational control rests with the foreign expat alone. With the latest changes effected in the Commercial companies’ law, the previous restrictions imposed on foreign entities is now greatly removed to a larger extend. A foreign entity or person may now invest and own up to 100% of the total shareholding in the company in the UAE and thus excluding the previous mandatory requirement of a local sponsor. The new amendments also provide the UAE authorities to determine certain activities to hold a ‘strategic impact’ and thereby to be reserved for Emirati participation on an emirate level. Each emirate is thus required to release its list of business activities that may be carried out with 100% foreign ownership and thus, do not require a local sponsor. These changes have been affected under the Federal Decree-Law no. 26 of 2020, and these changes are in effect from 1 June 2021. The Dubai Economy has listed around 1000 commercial and industrial activities that are allowed for 100% foreign ownership. Clarifying the requirements under the new law, the Dubai Economic department has released its statement that “ Full ownership does not bring any change to current procedures or requirements for licensing, except that it’s no longer mandatory to have an Emirati partner (Local sponsor) or specify a fixed quota ratio for him/her. Dubai Economy clarified that a reduction of the percentage share of the Emirati partner from 51% or his /her withdrawal from the partnership is possible according to the legal procedures followed”. Steps for effecting the changes: In order to effect the changes in an existing company that endeavours to move from a 49 % foreign ownership to 100% foreign ownership, the following steps may be undertaken: Existing companies can change to a 100% ownership structure by amending their existing Memorandum association (MOA) as registered with the economic department to reflect the changes. This would require the legal steps to be followed as per existing procedures of providing - Board resolution of existing shareholders to consenting to the said changes; -Obtaining initial approval from the economic department;   - Registering the amended MOA and paying the requisite fees;  - Amending the trade license of the company to reflect the changes made. - It is not possible to change an LLC company with more than one shareholder into a Sole Proprietorship under the existing laws, however; instead, it is possible to transfer the license to a solely owned limited liability company. - Also, no additional governmental fees, guarantees or capital is required to effect the changes for full foreign ownership.
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NCC is an abbreviation for NADRA Card Center, which is our website that operates both online and in-person to provide all of the best services to Pakistanis who live overseas for a variety of reasons. NADRA Card UK is a professional website that provides superior documentation services and ensures fast delivery to your doorstep. You can select the executive service if you require your RENEWAL NADRA CARD within 7 to 10 days. Under typical circumstances, NADRA ID Card takes a month. Our delivery service is the best of all; we deliver your documents as soon as possible, reducing your anxiety and increasing your sense of security. To reassure them that we are trying our best, long sections and explanations are unnecessary. We believe in them because actions speak louder than long chapters and explanations. You can get these services at NADRA Card Center: • NICOP Modification • Pakistani Passport Renewal • FRC (Family Relation Certificate) • NICOP Card for the first time • POC First Time • POC Renewal • POC Modification • NADRA Card Renewal • NADRA Card Our main purpose is to provide Pakistanis residing abroad with the best NADRA ID Card services possible. You will require a NICOP Card if you live in the United Kingdom, which is why we are here to help you in any way we can. Simply visit our website; we will be happy to assist you with your worries. Hassle-free services. The NADRA Card Center is fantastic in swiftly and efficiently resolving all of your problems. Our goal is to achieve new heights by earning your trust, therefore please visit the NADRA Card Center online or come by our office to see us. We will aid you in overcoming adversity by giving the finest of our services, which is our primary goal. Don't worry; we're here to help you with your identity issues in a timely and effective manner. You can now get your National ID number in the blink of an eye if you do business with us. When you will be notified about the progress of your application? You will be notified when: Your NADRA application has been submitted Your NADRA Card UK is dispatched t for printing and approved, The NADRA card has been sent.
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If you’re looking for some new online games to get stuck into, you’re no doubt spoiled for choice. One of the best parts of gaming is sharing the experience with your friends, this list of the best online games will hopefully give you a few ideas on what to play next.  While there is a massive amount of choice nowadays when it comes to online games, we’ve put together some of our favorites. We’ve tried to cover a few different genres to give you some wide-ranging options of the best online games to pick up. 1. Forza Horizon 4 It is a racing games unblocked set in an open world, based on Great Britain. Players can experience slightly condensed versions of scenic environments in the Lake District, the Cotswolds, and Edinburgh.  There is an offline mode, but the real experience needs to be online. This game works in a synchronized shared world on servers that support up to 72 players. Players can experience a dynamic weather system to play in all seasons which changes the landscape.  Late 2019, a battle royale-style mode was added during an update. This is a new 72-player mode that lets players start off driving around the open world with a slow, old car, eventually moving up to more powerful vehicles that appear on the map once you reach a safe zone.  You’ll need to challenge other players to races on the map to progress, but be careful, players can be eliminated from the game if they leave the safe zone or lose a head-to-head race.  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare One entry on this list unlikely to surprise anyone is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or pretty much any of the Call of Duty titles in the series. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter game released in 2019. It’s the sixteenth installment in the globally popular franchise. The story follows British SAS forces and a CIA officer who team up with the rebels of fictional country Urzikstan to defeat enemy Russian forces. There is both a single-player campaign and multiplayer with the latter allowing for much more tactical gameplay. In the multiplayer, players can focus on map exploration and there’s even a return of Killstreaks which gives you rewards based on the number of kills. The 3d racing games unblocked can accommodate a greater number of players within the map than previous games in the series could. Many players grew up on the Call of Duty multiplayer franchise, while some believe it’s become stale and formulaic, the newest edition spices things up enough to become truly addictive. 3. FIFA 20 Popular football simulation title, FIFA20 is the 27th installment in the series. This series features both single-player and a popular multiplayer mode which allows you to play with friends and other online players. One of the first things people love to do is to take control of their favorite club and engage in some competitive head to head action. The most popular game mode, however, is FIFA Ultimate Team. In this game mode, you’ll be able to craft your own team with player cards you earn and trade for the more you play.  This highly addictive game mode is often seen as the core of each FIFA installment and it’s not hard to see why. You can create any football club you can dream of and bring them great success. 4. Minecraft As a classic game recognized around the world, any list of online games would be incomplete without mentioning Minecraft. It’s the best-selling video game of all time, enjoyed by millions. Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox gaming experience, where pretty much anything is possible to build and craft. You can get lost in the world of Minecraft on your own, but it’s a great experience when enjoyed with friends online too. It’s easier to build everything you want when you’ve got a little help from a friend playing alongside. Take part in one of the thousands of online servers, modded or otherwise and you’ll likely make friends for life. Work together to create impressive castles, contraptions or even engage in a little PvP – the world is endless! 5. Halo Reach The Halo franchise offers what’s widely regarded as one of the best multiplayer experiences available. Recently released on PC as part of the Master Chief collection, old players and new alike can engage in some thrilling first-person shooter action. While the vast single-player campaign has plenty to offer, the real highlight of Halo is the online multiplayer mode. In a game series that has stood the test of time, Halo Reach’s multiplayer mode was always a fan favorite. With game modes such as Slayer, Capture the Flag and Big Team Battle to pass the time, there is plenty of competitive action to be had here
Can a cheque bounce after it has been cleared?
A returned cheque can invite both civil and criminal liabilities on an individual pursuant to the UAE laws. Therefore, it is very important, that UAE residents are well aware of the responsibilities in financial transactions including the potential risks. Federal Decree-Law No. (14) of 2020 Amending Certain Provisions of the Federal Law No. (18) of 1993 ‘Concerning the Commercial Transaction Law’ (‘New decree’), states that: Article (600): * Acceptance does not apply to cheques. Any wording of acceptance written on a cheque shall be null and void.  * The drawee of a cheque may initial the cheque for approval. Such approval shall confirm the availability of sufficient fund with drawee to pay the value of the cheque as on the date of initialing. The signature of drawee on the face of the cheque shall constitute an approval.  * The drawee may not reject the approval of the cheque if the drawer or bearer asks it to do so should the drawee have sufficient fund to partially or wholly pay the value of the cheque. * The drawee shall freeze with it and under its liability the required fund to pay the value of approved cheque, or the remaining amount of a partially paid approved cheque, for the benefit of the bearer until the expiry date of submitting the cheque for payment. Further pursuant to Article 617(3): The drawee shall report the details of the account holder to the Central Bank, in accordance with the rules and regulations issued by the Central Bank, in any of the following cases: * Where no sufficient, existing and usable fund for the payment of the value of cheque is available at the date of its maturity, * Where the drawer, after issuing the cheque, withdraw all the fund for payment so it is not possible to pay its value, or * Where the drawee partially pay the value of the cheque in accordance with (2) of this Article. The amended provisions thus impose criminal penalty on the following offences: * Cheque falsification; * Cheque forgery; * Ordering the Bank not to pay the cheque amount; and * Withdrawing the account balance prior the date of the cheque to prevent encashment. Under the new provisions if a cheque is submitted for clearing and post the same if the drawee withdraws the account balance to prevent the encashment of the cheque it would invite penalty. The new decree is proposed to be in effect from January 2022 onwards and imposes a criminal penalty of 10% of the cheque value for bounced cheque matters on the issuer of the cheque and subject to a minimum penalty charge amount of Aed 5000 and a maximum penalty charge amount of no more than twice the cheque value.
What are the general commercial liability policies in the UAE?
Commercial general liability (“CGL”) policies are a norm in the UAE. A CGL policy usually provides comprehensive liability coverage by encompassing different liability coverage under the same head, such a property coverage, personal injury coverage, medical coverage etc. A CGL policy thus endeavors to cover the various liabilities arising from operations, premises, products of a business under one policy. The broadheads covered under a commercial liability policy in the UAE includes: Property Damage: A CGL policy will cover the instances wherein property damage is caused to another person or company on account of your business operations. The Federal Law No. (5) of 1985 On the Civil Transactions Law of the United Arab Emirates (the “UAE civil code”) defines property as ‘an object or right that has a negotiable value’. A broader description is also provided for ‘property’ under Article 97 of the UAE civil code, which states that, ‘Anything that may be subject to physical or legal possession, maybe exploited lawfully and is not by nature or by law non-negotiable, can constitute the subject matter or proprietary rights. Pursuant to the UAE civil code, any person who damages or destroys the property of another is required to compensate the same, and pay an equivalent value (ref: Article 300). Personal and Advertising Injury: A CGL policy will cover your business against claims arising for instances of slander, libel, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction etc. Article 293 of the UAE civil code recognizes the concept of ‘moral damages’ and states that: “i) Damages shall include moral damages. Shall be considered moral damages, trespassing against others in their freedom, honor, dignity reputation social standing or financial position; ii) Spouses and closet relatives of the family may be adjudged damages for the moral prejudice sustained by them as a result of the death of the injured. iii) Recovery of moral damages is not transferable to others unless its amount is fixed by agreement or a final court judgment”. Bodily Injury: A CGL policy coverage protects you from damages arising out of bodily injury caused to other people or from damages caused to third-party property. Article 299 of the UAE civil code recognizes the concept of compensation for personal injury and states that ‘Damages are compulsory due for prejudice to the person. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, either blood money or compensation for defect of sold value, in cases they are due, may not be added to damages’. A key difference between different types of CGL policy is the concept of how claims can be raised. For example, a “claim-based policy” allows for claims to be raised during the policy terms regardless of when the underlying claim event occurred. However, on the other hand, a “occurrence policy” strictly goes by the concept of when the claim event occurred and stipulates to honour the claim only if the underlying claim event occurred during the policy term. It is usually seen that CGL policies in the UAE are mostly occurrence-based policies. It is important to note that, even though the CGL policy constitutes a very comprehensive policy, it might still not cover all the risks and liabilities connected to a business. It is therefore advisable to conduct a detailed study to ensure that commercial liabilities unique to the business are identified and covered. Suppose the standard CGL policy is seen to lack in its liability coverage. In that case, ‘excess liability coverage’ can be purchased in addition to cover the claims that either exceeds the limit or are not part of the standard CGL policy. For example, a standard CGL policy may exclude from its purview the commercial liability coverage for product recalls or computer-related losses etc. A medical payment coverage may also be added into a CGL policy in order to cover third-party bodily injuries at a higher limit, regardless of the business’s liability or negligence in the incident.
The Psychological Effects Of Divorce On Kids
When a marriage reaches a point of no return, and the parents decide to divorce, the main concern is always the children. As the worry of how life is going to be after divorce or the living conditions kick in, there is also the uncertainty of the children’s custody and their mental health. Lawyers for child custody in Australia may help you deal with the custody issues, but what are the psychological effects that the children will have? Here are a few and what they do to the children during and after divorce. The First Year The first year after the divorce is always the toughest for the children. The kids will most likely experience anger, distress, anxiety, and disbelief during this time. However, some children bounce back pretty fast and soon get used to the changes. This makes them adjust easily to their new routine and make the living arrangements more comfortable. For some children, they keep experiencing problems as their lives can never go back to “normal.” They may continue experiencing difficulties adjusting for the whole time their parents will remain divorced. These problems may accompany them to adulthood. Some family lawyers in Adelaide may help the children understand things by explaining what is going on and why parents must go separate ways. Stress Divorce comes with a common psychological effect in children, stress. In most cases, the child may blame themselves for being the cause of the divorce and all the effects of it. The child slowly becomes withdrawn and does not want to do anything. The stress may worsen if one of the parents has to take full custody of the child or children. Usually, the best way to achieve this is by getting lawyers for child custody in Australia.  Depression Children, too, suffer from depression during a divorce. This is common with children above age who clearly understand what is going on. The depression comes from building-up tension, stress, and anger. Most of the time, the child will not want to associate with their mates or leave their rooms for anything. Trust Issues A child who has suffered divorce is most likely to develop trust issues. After witnessing their parents' marriage fall apart, they may start to think and feel that all relationships are bound to end that way, with breakages. When this happens, they may find it hard getting into relationships and maintaining them. Emotional Impact You can get the best family lawyers in Adelaide to help you process your divorce, but the emotional impact is usually intensely felt by the children. They become frustrated because the situation is entirely out of their hands. The new living conditions may be challenging for little children to adjust to. They may be forced to divide their time between two homes. The teenagers usually take things pretty hard and sometimes blame one of the parents for causing the divorce. This may result in resentment of one of the parents for a long time. The middle-aged children may feel like they are the ones who caused the whole issue. They blame themselves for the divorce all the time. No child loves a broken or incomplete home. However, this is the new normal for most children as the repercussions of divorce continue to tear down families. Therefore, it is the work of the parents to ensure that their children's mental health is taken care of. The psychological effects of divorce may not go away, but you can help the child walk through them.
How Does Having an Affair Affect Your Divorce Case?
An affair used to have a significant impact on your divorce procedures. If you can show that your ex is having an affair, you'll have a better chance of getting the divorce conditions you want, including a larger share of the marital assets or perhaps sole custody of your children. Adultery could result in both criminal and civil charges. Things are now, however, a little different. In today's environment, here's what you need to know about how an affair affects your divorce. Fault Isn't Necessary It wasn't long ago that you had to be at fault in order to petition for divorce. This meant you had to show that your husband had committed a crime, such as domestic abuse or, yes, having an affair, in order to get a divorce. "Irreconcilable disagreements" are now regarded as valid grounds for divorce, so you don't have to worry about proving your spouse did something wrong. If you're dissatisfied with your marriage, that's enough to warrant a divorce. To end a marriage, you don't have to prove your spouse's adultery. The Effect on Your Divorce Adultery no longer has a significant impact on the outcome of your divorce, thanks to the development of a "no-fault" divorce. While some spouses may derive emotional gratification from filing a divorce order indicating that their spouse has had an affair, it usually has little bearing on issues such as alimony, property distribution, or child custody. So, if you're the scorned partner, don't anticipate the divorce court to penalise your cheating ex; and if you're the one who had an extramarital affair, don't worry about getting the short end of the stick during the divorce procedures because of it. Extramarital activities aren't taken into account while dividing assets or determining a parent's ability to care for their children. Your Children's Harm There is one exception to the usual rule that an affair has no bearing on child custody issues, and that is when the parent's affair has a direct influence on the children. Please keep in mind that this does not apply to how your divorce affects your children; while the affair may have led to the divorce, and the divorce does affect your children, this is considered indirect harm. If your spouse took your child or children to meet their partner at a hotel, that would be an example of direct harm. Situations like these, especially if they occur frequently, may justify child custody arrangements that are overwhelmingly in your favour. Otherwise, the affair is unlikely to have an impact on the child custody agreement. Dissipation If your spouse has spent marital funds on their affair partner, this could also have an impact on your divorce. While you may be tempted to sue your spouse for every dollar spent on their companion, proving dissipation is time-consuming, costly, and tiresome. The money spent on the affair partner (for dinners, hotel rooms, gifts, and so on) is usually so small that it isn't worth your time to pursue it. If you suspect your spouse of spending a significant amount of money on their affair, having your lawyer go through your spouse's credit card bills and bank records may be worth the time and money. If your husband, for example, took their affair partner on an exotic vacation, purchased them an expensive automobile, or paid for their rent and other living expenses, you may be able to retrieve those funds during the divorce process. If you want to go down this road, talk to our divorce lawyers about how we and our team of forensic accountants may assist you.
What are the Punishments for Physical Assault In Public?
Understanding ‘Assault’: An assault is an ‘act of inflicting physical harm on another person’. Depending on the gravity of the offence and its underlying circumstances, legal recourse to an action in tort, criminal prosecution, as well as civil liability can be adjudged. The United Arab Emirates categorizes ‘assault’ as a violent crime wherein even the threat of an assault can be actionable under the criminal laws. The underlying factors surrounding the offence and the veracity of the damage caused to the other party are taken into consideration. Different categories of assault and their punishments: The Federal law no. 3 of 1987 concerning promulgating the penal code and its amendment (UAE Penal Code), categories ‘assault’ into various types, such as: Assault causing death: A person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years, whoever assaults the body safety of others, by any means without intention to kill him but the assault resulted in the death of the victim (Article 336). If the intention to cause death is established, the provisions of this article will not apply, and more stringent punishment will be imposed. Assaulting causing permanent disability: A person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years, whoever deliberately causes to another a ‘permanent disability’. ‘Permanent disability’ is defined as ‘the type of disability when the injury results in severance or dismemberment of an organ or its partial amputation or the loss or diminution of use thereof, or to permanent total or partial failure of the functioning of any senses’(Article 337). Further, a person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whoever assaults by any means the body safety of others and the assault results in unintended permanent disability. Assault under the influence of alcohol: A person shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years if the offender is under the influence of intoxication or stupefaction and assaults by any means the body safety of others, and the assault results in unintended permanent disability. (Article 338). Assault resulting in disability: A person shall be sentenced to detention and to fine, whoever assaults by any means the body safety of others and the assault resulted in his illness or disability to attend to his personal business for a period exceeding twenty days. The penalty shall be detention for a term not exceeding one year and to a fine not in excess of ten thousand Dirham, if the assault did not reach the degree of seriousness mentioned in the above paragraph. Assault on a pregnant woman: In case the assault is perpetrated on a pregnant woman resulting in abortion, this shall be considered an aggravating circumstance with severer punishment that will be imposed on the perpetrator (Article 339). Committing assault in the UAE can thus result in either being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the veracity of the offence, underlying circumstances and aggravating circumstances relating to the crime. A medical report should be obtained by the victim to record the injuries sustained as a result of the assault. Apart from criminal actions, a victim of a physical assault may also take recourse to a civil claim for damages sustained.
Al ITEZAN Lawyers And Legal Consultants
Al ITEZAN Lawyers and Legal Consultants founded more than 30 years by its founder and its CEO Dr. Adel Khamis Almemari. Al ITEZAN Lawyers and Legal Consultants aims always to provide distinguished legal services in the Fifield of legal advice, drafting and reviewing contracts, pleading before all courts of all degrees, local and international arbitration bodies, and establishing companies. We are distinguished by commercial law, especially in the Fifield of corporate laws, insurance, banking and electronic commerce. Our office is working to expand the circle of its clients abroad to include some Arab countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine… in general. Furthermore, our new existing office is registered in France, and it works in cooperation with our office in the United Arab Emirates to follow up on relevant issues within the European Union with an aim to serve our local and international clients. In addition to our joint cooperation with several law firms in Arab and Gulf countries to provide high quality legal services for our local and foreign clients. In this regard, we are keen on excellence and follow-up, so one of our most important priorities is to devote ourselves to providing the highest level of services that meet the needs of our clients and guarantee them the desired goals for their various cases during the entire stages of litigation. And AL ITEZAN have more than 25+ years experience in the filed of legal areas. And they have best lawyers.
Easy divorce in Washington
Contrary to what you might have heard, the state of Washington offers easy divorce. If you've been married for any length of time, you're probably aware that it can be an expensive and difficult process. However through the collaborative process of divorce, two yeilding, self-aware individuals can find a way to get through this litigation upheaval in a more positive, and less adversarial manner. Washington has recently made it easier for married couples to get divorced. This is good, in a way, because easy divorce was long overdue. The inherent risks of marriage are much greater than the government was letting on. Anyone who's ever been married and then gotten divorced knows that it takes an enormous amount of work to make a long-term marriage work out. Too many people never realize this, because they don't have the right frame of reference -- they're too young, for one thing. But Given the choice, most people would rather pay less in taxes than more, and we should follow their lead. Under existing law, filing for an "online divorce" is the best way to do just that. Get divorced in Washington Washington is a place for people to get married but also to get divorced. When I tell people about my research into divorce they offer to help. They send me printouts from state government websites and emails from friends. It turns out everyone has a story about a friend of a friend who got divorced in Washington. The right way to look at divorce is through the eyes of both spouses. The law should be based on what is right for them, not on what makes things easier for lawyers. And it should give them the same thing no matter which of them filed first. This isn't how our laws work, as I discovered when I took on this project. We have a lot of outdated laws, including one that dates back to 1891. Normal people think Washington state has an easy divorce law.  They are wrong.  On December 5th, 2016, I filed for divorce.  The judge granted the divorce on August 1st 2017.  That's more than six months this country promises to give people to resolve matters in a reasonable amount of time. Washington's no-fault divorce Two years ago in Washington state, the legislature passed what was then a radical and innovative law giving people—or, at least people in long-term marriages—the option of an easy route out of broken marriages. If you and your spouse agree on a division of property and debts, and you can certify that the marriage is irretrievably broken, either party can file for divorce in just 90 days. Washington's no-fault divorce law makes it easy to get a quick divorce. Consequently, most divorces in Washington are for reasons of "irreconcilable differences" rather than infidelity or abuse. For many years, Washington State has had a law that allows an easy divorce process for couples who have no children and are splitting up their property. But lately, even some childless couples are feeling hurt from this law. There's been a noticeable increase in the number of petitions for what's called 'no-fault' divorce. How long to wait to file for a divorce or dissolution of a civil union? Here are the requirements for Washington State. And read my easy divorce blog post here . Ending a marriage is getting easier and easier not just in Washington, but in many other states as well. The reasons for this trend are multiple, but there's a common denominator: money. The simplest way to get out of a marriage is to separate. (And separation has been generally been no-fault since the 1960s.) When one person tries to force another person out of a marriage against the wishes of the other, it might involve court battles for years. " if the parties are able to come up with a completely agreeable way of dividing up their shared assets and liabilities in a way that works for both of them, they should be able to file for an uncontested divorce.
How Social Media May Affect Your Georgia Car Accident Claim
After being involved in a car accident, it isn’t uncommon for friends and family members to message you to find out if you are okay. You may be tempted to post an update on social media to let everyone know what is happening.  Unfortunately, this can backfire. If you plan to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, anything you post on social media can be used against you.  A smart way to avoid this situation is to avoid using social media completely until your accident case is settled. You can also ask your Georgia personal injury attorney about what you have to say before posting it.  While this is what you should do, it’s also important to understand how posting the wrong thing on social media may affect you.  The Types of Social Media Posts That May Hurt Your Accident Claim The other side (or at-fault party) can use any information that you post on social media and use it out of context against you. Even if you post a picture of something completely unrelated to the accident – like a photo of you walking your dog – it may be used to say that you are actually in good health or uninjured.  However, other types of posts will definitely hurt your case. These include: Apologizing: It is only natural to feel sympathy for everyone who was part of the accident. However, an insurance company may see your apology as an admission of fault. Conceding any level of fault: You may accidentally post information that implies you were partially or completely at fault, like that you missed a step and fell. If this happens, the other side may say you weren’t paying attention, so the accident and your injuries aren’t their faults.   Dismissing all or some of your injuries: If you want to prevent people from worrying about you, you may try to minimize how serious your injuries are on social media. However, the insurance company can use this to argue that you aren’t badly hurt.  Venting about the accident: You may want to vent your anger toward the driver that caused the accident. Doing this via social media may not benefit your case at all. The insurance company may say your claim is based on revenge or anger.  The Risks of Posting on Social Media After an Accident Even if you don’t think you are posting something that will impact your claim, insurance companies and defense attorneys may try to twist what you post to benefit them. For example, if you post something like “the other car appeared out of nowhere,” they may use this to say you weren’t paying attention and, therefore, you are partly at fault.  Also, if you post something that contradicts your statements, it can be extremely damaging to your case. Avoid any photos or videos of you staying active, traveling, and similar things during the accident claim.  Tips for Using Social Media After an Accident  After an accident, if you plan to continue using social media, some tips to help you avoid hurting your case include: Avoid oversharing Never accept a new friend or follow requests from someone you don’t know Refrain from posting anything until your case is closed (if possible) Never post photos or videos of you being active if you have stated your injuries have prevented you from working Avoid posting anything negative about the other people involved Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for Help Hiring a personal injury attorney to help with your accident claim is smart. During an active auto accident lawsuit, they can also provide practical advice about what you can and cannot post on social media. 
Everything You Need To Know About Apostille Attestation in India!
Studying, working, or expanding your business overseas has become quite common nowadays. Some countries have begun an accord to ease this process by eliminating the boundaries up to a point. Apostille Attestation is a process of legalization documents for foreign visits. This procedure consists of certification from a particular authorized branch of the Govt. of both concerning countries. It's a process that takes place according to the specifications of the overseas country that participates under the Hague Convention, requiring Apostille Attestation. Around 118 countries are members of the Hague Convention right now. Apostille meaning in India: The procedure of checking the authenticity of authentic documents via fixing the signature of the verification department is Apostille Attestation of documents. It is a global process that is essential for everyone who desires to go overseas. To achieve Apostille in India there are many attestation services agencies that provide exclusive services for Apostille requirements of the customers, mainly getting associate Apostille stickers from the MEA i.e. Ministry of External Affairs. There are restrained services as well which can render you with actual and correct documents Apostille. It's fencelike from the verification process that can assure one’s genuineness and their requirements of visiting an overseas nation that is moreover a critical aspect of buying a visa and growth of Business in a foreign country. Attestation services help you to receive the authentication from the MEA regarding the extraordinary officialdom as an MAE attestation stamp. The concerning officers available at the embassy, MEA, state, and professionals have the authority to provide the Apostille stamp as evidence of attestation of documents. Many attestation agencies provide Apostille MEA attestation services in India to help you achieve the Apostille worldwide. Apostille Attestation procedure involves the following government departments in India of the State from which the certificates belong: · State Notary · Home Department of the State · The Ministry of External Affairs, India The approach will depend upon the regulations and guidelines of the foreign country. There are three types of documents that need apostille attestation in India the most to use overseas, Personal, Academicals, and Commercial. Personal documents include Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Divorce certificates, etc., Academicals include Degree, Diploma, HSC, SSC, MBBS certificates, etc., and Commercial Documents include Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Articles of Association, Business Invoices, etc. Apostille Birth Certificate India If you are planning to move to a brand new country then you may need some certificates and documents that require Apostilles attestation to prove their authenticity. Birth certificates Apostille is act as evidence of the solidity and fidelity of the certificates along with the characteristic of your objective to visit a country. Apostille on Birth certificates is the procedure of accomplishing the Apostille stamp at the credentials. It is essential to prove the legality of the document and its holder. A Birth Certificate shows critical data like name, place of birth, date of birth, and other details of the individual. The apostille agencies and their agents are professionals in getting the Apostille Birth Certificate India on your behalf and it is, therefore, wise to hire them for authentication of the Birth certificate. They are professional and are straightforward and reliable to render Apostille services. After receiving an Apostille the certificates are legal and you can use such certificates within the international locations which might be contributors to the Hague convention. The Apostille Accord includes 105 member countries of the Hague Convention. The objective is to make the Apostille attestation simple. There is no need to apply for separate attestation when they are dealing with any of these member countries. Get apostille attestation services in India on your Birth Certificate from a pinnacle participant in this field. Apostille Marriage Certificate India A Marriage certificate is the legal proof of someone’s marriage. This is legitimate in our country. If the married one wants to go abroad for any reason, the attestation of the Marriage certificate is compulsory. The apostille attestation makes it legally customary in all member countries of the Hague Convention. Earlier than the Apostille, you need to get through notarization. To get the process of Apostille Marriage certificates in India you need to first go to the Regional Authentication Center (RAC). The Regional Authentication Center (RAC) is the competent authority to verify the Marriage certificate. The government has positioned RACs in different states & union territories of India. Then, contact the outsourcing agent for apostille services in India. Subsequently from July 2012, the MEA has not been apostilling marriage certificates directly at the Ministry of External Affairs. Only a legal apostille service agency/agent has the right to collect certificates and documents for apostille. Only these Apostille agencies can directly submit the certificate and documents to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), in which the sticker with its stamp is put on it. When the agent gets your paper, he forwards them to the Department Secretariat/ RPOs. He accurately selects the only one that has jurisdiction over it. It’s surely the MEA who has the authority to apostille marriage certificate India. As soon as the outsourcing agent receives the MEA stamp on the Marriage certificate, he will send you back the certificates and documents with an MEA stamp on them. To attain Apostille you need to comply with the order of the steps to authenticate the true copy and the photocopy directly. You need to submit all the original and photocopies of the certificates, and passport also. Just type apostille services near me in an online search box and find the suitable Apostille attestation service agency for all your attestation requirements. The agency must know your concern about your original certificates and how essential the documents are, therefore the agency needs to have a professional crew to take care of your authentic certificates and documents. The Apostille procedure fees depend upon the kind of nation you're traveling to. Fee and time both rely upon the country type as every country has its very own time and structure of prices. The Govt. authorities of India have regionalized apostille attestation in India to Branch Secretariat from January 2019. The applicants can approach any of the nearest RPOs through outsourcing dealers in 15 cities. Those are in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, New Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Panaji, Raipur, and Thiruvananthapuram.
Avoid labour and visa fraud when applying for a job in the UAE
UAE offers lucrative job offers, and ex-pats are highly enthusiastic about building a career and life in the UAE. The UAE’s ex-pat population constitutes almost ninety per cent of its total population, and ex-pats find that UAE offers them a peaceful and tax-free environment. Any person who wishes to come to the UAE in search of a job opportunity must be careful to conduct the necessary due diligence and ensure to follow the legal requisites.  Job offer letter: If a UAE based company /employer offers you a job opportunity, such Employer must first issue you an official offer letter as per the pre-requisites of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Such an offer letter, once signed by both the parties, constitutes a binding agreement between the parties, and the validity of the offer can be verified by the employee through the MOHRE website.  Employment visa: Once the job offer is signed by both parties, the Employer is required to issue an entry visa to the employee to enter the UAE and start his employment. The finalization of the employment visa  will be completed once the employee reaches the UAE and successfully passes the medical checks and procedures required for the visa process. It is important to note that it is specifically prohibited in the UAE for any person who is on a visit visa to work. Working under a visit or tourist visa can bring you penalties and deportation. It is also important to keep in mind that an employer is obligated to pay for the visa costs for an employee, and it is illegal that such cost is recovered from the employee at any given point. Employment Contract: The employee is also required to enter into a valid employment contract which would be based on the terms of the ‘job offer’ already signed between the parties. The Employer is not allowed to make any changes to the terms included in the job offer letter. The employee should enter into the labour contract after reviewing and understanding the various clauses. It is important to understand the terms about ‘probation period’, ‘notice period’, ‘nature of the employment -whether limited-term or unlimited term’ etc. The employment contract is entered into three counterparts, and the one copy is retained with the employee itself. Always complete due diligence checks before accepting any job offers. Learn more about the Employer by visiting their website details. You can also check their trade license details by accessing the ‘Unified Commercial Registration System’ maintained by the Ministry of the economy. It is always advisable to check the information on the company through various web resources such as ‘Google reviews’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Glassdoor’ and also speak with existing employees to verify credentials. Be careful about social media advertisements and hiring agencies that seek to charge you for the visa or employment offer itself, as both are against the UAE laws.