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Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 Day one how did I get into kpop? I watched playful kiss I feel in love with Kim Hyun Joong I had to look him up then I found SS501 Day Two first Kpop song? The Boss- love Parade Day 3 Favorite Male Group? Big Bang Day 4 Favorite female group? F(x) Day5 Favorite Solo artist? Jay Park Day6 Favorite songs (Top5) 1.SHNIee-Lucifer 2.Jay Park-Tonight 3.Teen Top-Miss Right 4.Super Junior-Sexy, free, and single 5.Big Bang-Blue Day7 Favorite M/V (Top5) 1.Big Bang-Fantastic Baby 2.Got7-A 3.F (x)-Red Light 4.GDragon-Crayon 5.SHINee-Lucifer Day8 Catchiest song? 2NE1 -MTBD Day9 Ultimate Bias? Kim hyun joong
Mine was an accidental youtube search that lead me to TVXQ in 2006 hahahaa
Actually my first kdrama was My Princess on Netflix, I really liked it. Then I watched Boys Over Flowers, I was lured in by Kim Hyun Joong, checked out SS501 music. I was hook for life.
It's the same for me except I watched Boys Over Flowers ^^
day 1: watched a Taiwanese drama, liked the beginning song so looked it up and listened to it and since it was YouTube it led me to other songs Day 2: Fantastic baby by Bigbang Day 3: Bigbang Day 4: Snsd Day 5: Kyuhyun Day 6: one confession by Kyuhyun hurt by exo error by VIXX fantastic baby by bigbang if we ruled the world by BTS Day 7: Mamacita by super junior fantastic baby by bigbang Mr. simple by super junior monster by bigbang crayon by gdragon Day 8: hello by shinee Day 9: Kyuhyun, T.O.P, Minho (shinee),Taeyang, Rap monster (BTS) Day 10: Ailee, Boa, Hyuna, Lee Hi Day 11: no favs Day 12: no favs Day 13: Kyuhyun Day 14: Ailee Day 15: Rap monster (BTS) Day 16: CL Day 17: Gdragon Day 18: Idk lol don't pay enough attention to my female groups I'm a VIP and an ELF, can't pick between Love both groups to death lol 💖💞
day 1: 100 days with Mr. Arrogant day2:snsd genie day3: big bang especially top ugh!!! day4: so much to choose from. i cant. 2ne1,fx,gg,aoa,miss a,sistar,girls day,winner,epik high,spica,exid etc. day5: ailee day6: exid-up&down,spica-u dont love me, 2ne1-hurt, topandgd-knock out, supjr-sorry day7:epik high-spoiler, cl-badgirl, sistar-touch my body, 2ne1-i am the best, top-doomdada. day12: boa day14:lee hi and ailee day17:tablo day18: cl
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