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There was a queen, as the legends told. with fiery eyes, and a black soul She lived in a castle on the haunted hills where no blossoms bloomed and the air was chill Disillusion surrounded and fear spread of the creepy bed-time tales and murmurs of lost faith. I knew her not but her sad yarn I searched for her through summer’s sun and in spring’s bud But found her lyin’ in her wintry lair, with some twig in her silvery hair. Her eyes were mild with honeydew tears melting the rocks that stood near. And the smell she brew of flowers in the valley that never grew And like a tender rose, I held her close And whispered in the sweetest tone “ fear not,for you’re queen..” I heard a sob, and a piercing pain.. And I could see her raging,wild eyes. but the green grasses were painted red.. And the night faded.. far dissolved, the twinklin’ stars “ I knew her truth I knew her pain But for her,was I.. just another man..” © Debanka Chanda
awesome :)
u wrote it ? :) <3
@MarySEW Thanks a lot for your words.. It inspired me to write again!
wow... beautiful
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