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I love most groups, but when GOT7 came out there was something about them that I just can't sick of them. They are one of my favorite Kpop group. What's your's?
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I love their funny personalities! ♡♡ The only frustrating thing is I can't choose only one as my bias. I'm stuck btween Mark, Jackson, JB, and Jr. *sigh * Guys, the struggle is real that's all I can say.
@yonglyn, ME TOO! Yes, the struggle is too real. I can't choose only one >.< Gotta have them all jkjk.
@koreanaddict I really love boy in luv! It's really hype and the beat is so dope I can't stop listening to it! I also love just one day and were bulletproof! @YongLyn I can't choose either I'm torn between Jr and Mark! But then again I ship them together! Lol