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Morocco In Motion - The ceremony of Henna, Morocco
NOW Morocco, multimedia and interactive travel magazine for digital tablets dedicated to Morocco https://itunes.apple.com/app/now-morocco/id796919221 Avec la complicité de Kenza Sadoun-El Glaoui, de La Revue de Kenza. (larevuedekenza.fr) Remerciements: L'Alcazar Luxury Riad à Rabat. (lalcazar.com) Bouchra, la hennayate Morocco In Motion - Le henné, tatouage éphémère, une co-production Editions Amabilis Maroc Sarl et © Amabilis Inc. (Canada) Musique: Notes Productions
I really want to be able to make designs like that. I've only managed a lopsided heart and a flower before :)
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This is stunning--very cool to see how such detailed work is done!
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