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The moment we've been waiting for! Gun pulled Miyoung back into bed when she tried to go sleep on the couch. He cradles her face as if he's about to kiss her... But it's a fake-out. WHY! He just tells her to sleep and turns around. Miyoung awkwardly rolls to her other side and Gun buries his face in his pillow out of embarrassment. Later, she ends up snoring, but Gun is still wide awake, wondering how she could even sleep. He props himself above her and pats her shoulder. In the morning, Gun goes on a run in his neighborhood, when suddenly Daniel runs up beside him and says hello. Being the child he is, he starts speeding up and somehow ends up racing Daniel. They're both children. They run and jump and leap until they both collapse on the ground, their legs feeling like jelly. Gun tells Daniel that soon his company will be contacting him. Gun offers a hand to Daniel to help him stand up, but let's go, causing Daniel to fall on his butt. CHILD. Daniel takes Miyoung to his gallery, and Miyoung is surprised that all that work is his. Suddenly, a throng of reporters show up and spot Daniel. Daniel's first reaction is to hide Miyoung...by hugging her. She's so small that he completely covers her from the reporters' point of view, and then they side-step awkwardly to a chair where Miyoung sits down to hide. Daniel says he'll handle the reporters on his own, he can do that much to protect his little sister. Miyoung realizes how famous Daniel actually is. Miyoung and Gun end their prenatal education class in high spirits, and Miyoung's stomach starts to growl. Miyoung expects Gun to go back to the company, but he's not a machine, he needs to eat too. He asks her what she wants to eat, and she hesitates. Cut to a skate sashimi restaurant with Gun covering his nose. Miyoung suggests giving their baby a nickname before it's born. What does she suggest? Kaeddong...meaning dog shit. Gun splutters in disbelief, as do I. She explains that it was her nickname when she was still in her mother's womb, and look how strong her stamina is (cue flashback to when she outran the dog and Gun when they first met lol). When she put it that way, Gun ends up agreeing to calling their baby Kaeddong. After lunch, Gun gets dropped off at the company. But suddenly he turns around and adorably knocks on the car window, asking Miyoung to come see his office. As she walks through the lobby, she's aware of all the stares from the employees and tell Gun to go first, she'll follow him quietly. Gun reminds her that she's not a post-it anymore, so walk proudly. He takes her hand and they go up the elevator. When they enter the office, someone is already sitting in Gun's chair with their back facing them. I knew it. Sera turns around, "Surprise!" and rushes over to hug Gun. He's literally too shocked to even hug her back, and Miyoung is about to leave the room but Gun tells her not to go. He's about to tell Sera everything, but Miyoung quickly introduces herself as President Wang's secretary, she was ordered to tell Gun to go see her. Gun follows Miyoung out the door. Gun is furious at Miyoung. Miyoung thinks it isn't the right timing to tell Sera everything, she won't be able to handle it. Gun asks, "What about you then?" Miyoung doesn't know about anything else, she just hopes Gun will reconsider. Gun lingers outside his office for a while, before he plasters on a smile and goes in. He decides to not tell Sera anything and acts as if nothing happened. Gun goes over to Sera's new home. Sera comes up behind him and gives him a backhug. She confesses that she was lonely, and the fact that Gun was lonely also tormented her. Her statement shoots him a pang of guilt, so he calls out to her, "Sera..." but she cuts him off. She knows now that she can't be without Gun anymore. From now, she'll look at only him. Of course, Gun can't say anything anymore. That night, Miyoung is reading to her baby again, but without the enthusiasm she once had. She picks up her phone, waiting for a text or call that never comes. Meanwhile, Gun tucks Sera into bed. He leaves a note saying that he has something to tell her after her interview tomorrow. In the morning, Miyoung is chopping a mountain of onions and Gun's stepmother walks in. She noticed Gun didn't come home last night, surely he's not cheating somewhere right? He's starting to become like his father... Miyoung covers for him saying that he called and said he was busy at the company. Stepmother warns Miyoung that now that Gun has a first, he'll be looking for a second. As stepmother gets up to leave, she gets a mysterious text that sounds like a tip for reporters, "Contract worker Ms. B intentionally approached president of daily supply company Mr. A with the goal of becoming pregnant, breaking up his relationship with long-time ballerina girlfriend, Ms. C. With her ascent of status, Ms. B successfully became the wife of the president." Miyoung attempts to take a walk outside, but is ambushed by three reporters who ask her to address the rumors about her approaching Gun on purpose and getting pregnant to marry him. Miyoung is visibly uncomfortable and tries to walk away. She walks all the way to in front of Daniel's cafe and they are still following her. Daniel comes in between them and takes her into the cafe, telling the reporters that only humans are allowed in, LOL. Gun waits for Sera to finish her interview so that they could talk. However, he gets a call that something happened to Mom, and texts Sera that something urgent came up and they'll talk later at night. Gun rushes to the hospital, the doctor explains that Miyoung's mom has a gallstone and needs surgery to remove it. She'll be fine after that. Miyoung also rushes into the room, worried sick. Gun just reassures her that nothing will happen. Gun and Miyoung are driving back, and it's awkward because it's the first time seeing each other since Sera came back. He decides to turn on the radio, but the DJ is reading a story about a listener whose boyfriend is cheating on her. Then he changes the station to listen to music. The lyrics? "I had an affair." He changes the station again, and another DJ is telling someone to break up with their boyfriend if he's cheating. He finally resorts to playing his own music, but the song is "Que Sera Sera". *facepalms* They reach home, and as Miyoung is about to go inside, Sera comes up to the front door. She greets Miyoung as "the secretary", and just as Miyoung is about to keep up the rouge, Gun holds her back. He says, "She isn't a secretary. We're married." Finally! Sera doesn't know what to do, except for walk away. Gun ends up chasing after her, leaving Miyoung all alone. When Gun catches up to Sera, she accuses him of being cruel. Then he finally spills the last bean: "I have a baby. That person...is the mother of my baby." That night, Gun watches old home videos of Sera again, as he reads the letter she wrote him along with a gift. He laughs his usual laugh, but it turns into sobs. Meanwhile, Miyoung is outside his room and crying as well. The next morning, stepmother asks Miyoung if she's okay, you know, with all the rumors and all. Miyoung simply replies that she's fine, because the rumors aren't true. One day, everyone will understand. Today, Gun doesn't wear the outfit Miyoung had laid out for him, she notices and her face falls. When he leaves for work, he doesn't even acknowledge her and she waves meekly at the car that's already gone. Grandma asks Miyoung to attend a company event, officially as the wife of the president for the first time. Of course Miyoung will do it, if she can be of help. At the company, Secretary Tak brings in news articles about a certain gold digger successfully seducing a chaebol, complete with pictures of Miyoung with a mosaic over her face. He orders for Secretary Tak to block all of the articles. At the company event, Grandma introduces Miyoung to everyone as her granddaughter-in-law. But when Miyoung is alone, she overhears the gossip about how she seduced Gun. As she gets up, she runs into Sera's friend, whom she and Gun met outside their prenatal education class. Like the snob she is, this friend asks Miyoung to throw away the glass she was holding, and splashes it in her face. Someone offers Miyoung a handkerchief to dry herself, but it turns out to be Lawyer Min. He doesn't seem to be fully sober, so that makes him act even more like a douche. He stands at the podium in front of the room and introduces Miyoung to everyone, the infamous Ms. B in all the rumors. Just then, Gun enters the stage. He addresses the rumors: Yes, they're all true. But there's one thing that they all don't know. Gun: "This woman is a very weird woman. As I got to know her, it was a huge reversal. The more I look at her, the prettier she is. If she's just pretty it's boring, but she's also cute and a very kind woman. I felt sorry that I was the only one that knew this woman, so today I will tell everyone about her. Please listen. This woman isn't very smart. And she's not very calculative because her worst subject in school was arithmetic. But this woman knows how to treat people with a sincere heart. And this woman helps people overcome pain. So she's very ordinary but she is my precious, lovable wife, Kim Miyoung. I introduce you, Kim Miyoung." After he brings her outside, Gun plays music from his phone. It would be too much of a waste if they went home, when they're already dressed up right? He asks her if she can dance, but she says she can't at all. Gun: "But I'm really good at dancing." He takes her hand and places them on his own shoulders, as he places his on her waist. He holds up three fingers and counts down, three, two, one, and fireworks shoot up in the sky behind him. He explains to her, "I wasn't avoiding you because I disliked you. I was getting ready to go to you. Thank you for waiting for me, and thank you for being here with me now." Tears well up in her eyes, and he reaches up to wipe them away. He tilts her chin up and then kisses her on the cheek. Squeeee! In a flashback, we see Miyoung at Daniel's cafe. She confesses that she's afraid because Gun treats her too well, and that she will become too dependent on him, that she will misunderstand that he loves her, and that she won't be able to leave him when the promised time comes. COMMENTS AHHH of course the drama won't let us be happy for one second lol. I feel like it took Gun a lot less time for him to decide to go to Miyoung instead of Sera then it did in the Taiwanese version. But I appreciate it this way much more hehe. I'm glad that Gun is aware of his feelings for Miyoung. Anyway, I already know what's going to happen so I'm just really anxious to see how they'll execute it in this version! So far, what I like better in the Korean version is that Gun is much, much nicer than Ji Cun Xi, who was an ass for much longer than Gun was lol. I don't know if I'll like Sera anymore, but we'll have to see how closely she will follow her Taiwanese counterpart character. Hopefully she'll be less whiny :P
;D loved this episode
This drama is seriously killing me