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The rainbow eucalyptus is native to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, and is grown in other tropical environments that are similarly mild and humid. Unfortunately, it cannot survive hot and dry weather or frosty conditions, and can only be grown in specific regions near the equator that will sustain this type of tree. It is commonly planted in parks and gardens in countries that can grow it. This natural beauty can also be found lining the Hana highway in Maui, Hawaii, and in swampy areas of Africa, where it was planted to soak up much of the water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there and spreading malaria. I've seen these once in Hawaii, and would love to see them again. Has anyone seen these on their travels?
How curious!
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This looks gorgeous, I have eucalyptus all around my house, but nothing like this!
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I've always wanted to visit Hawaii and this is just one more reason!
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Yes! There are a few here in Miami at the Fairchild Botanical Garden! Beautiful!
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@djunk3 Really?! I'd love to see more in real life!
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