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Once Upon A Time's Elsa: First Photo

Georgina Haig, of Fringe, was announced earlier in July as being cast for the role of Else in the next season of Once Upon a Time beginning this fall. Do you think she's got the right look to become live-action Elsa?
@pixiedust I"m sure they'll make some interesting adaptations (they always do!) but darker would be a nice twist--I'm really interested to hear more dark spinoffs of Frozen, so that spinning off into Once Upon a Time would be even more perfect.
@caricakes I thought so too! I just hope the character makes /sense/ in the series. I know they've adjusted some others, but Elsa has only been in Frozen so far so people are less used to see her in anything adaptation-like!
@funkystar25 It's a TV show~
@timeturnerjones ....Once Upon A Time...? >.<
@funkystar25 it's not so much a spinoff but more of just adding her to Once Upon a Time which has been going on for a while! you should check it out :)
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