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Block B released their 3rd EP 'Jackpot' back in April but were unable to carry out promotions for the track due to tragic sinking of the Sewol ferry which left 300 dead the day after the track was released. They returned yesterday with fantastic new track 'HER'. The video is 4 minutes of pure madness; the boys burp bubbles, get friendly with an ostrich, play mini golf, advertise laundry just have to watch it. The song itself doesn't fail to disappoint. Upbeat, addictive, fun - it's not surprising that the song has already hit Number 1 on all the music charts. One thing I really like is the pun in the title. In English, 'Her' obviously refers to a female but when written in the Korean script, 'Her' becomes '헐' which means 'amazing' or 'impressive'. (think : WOAH!). And this track is definitely impressive!
this video is everything I wanted and more!
I loved the MV for this - I love it when the idols look like they're having a really good time too
what a fun MV - no wonder it's swept the charts