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If you can't tell by the photo of my top-water collection, I'm a little obsessed with the art of top-water fishing! Everything from what color to what specific lure the bass are feeding on (bugs, frogs, fleeing bait fish, mice, birds, etc.) I'm writing this to see what everyone's go to lures are. Mine is the mouse. Also, what presentation you like? Walking the dog, chuggin' or poppin', or maybe just running the bait back fast? I like to walk and pause; sometimes throwing a pop or chug in! I've had luck with hard plastic top-water lures and hollow body lures, so lets talk!
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@outinalabama91 Hmm, I've heard those are great so I don't really know what to suggest, sorry. Maybe someone else knows
I fish live targets durability is a huge issue tho and koppers is aware of it I sent in pictures of mine after just a few days of bass fishing and the paint is wore off completely they sent me six more mice in the mail mind you this was four emails and two weeks later but they did make good with me heck six mice that's allot of coin
The bass in my profile pic was 24 inches around 5 lbs Is say just a guess I caught him last August on the medium live target from the bank lets just say that lure didn't last much longer ripped the nose of the mouse and it just sinks so in the trash it went
I have saved a few hollow body mice if you look in my picture above the mouse in the bottom left corner next to my diver frog his head was dipped in RTV gasket maker this does work but can react to certain rubbers that lures have exp the legs of the mouse keep this fixed lure away from your good ones !!
@BobGriffith Good tip, thanks bob!