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This guy was lucky to make it out of this storm safe: check out the quickly increasing winds that could have made his day time adventure a total disaster. Peak wind speed reached 52knots (about 95km/hr) at 2miles (3-4km) from shore, lasting approximately 6-7min. Lucky guy! Remember to always be safe about it when headed kayak fishing: you never know what could go wrong!
@fallingwater they should but that doesn't always mean they do. remember to always take extra precautions if you plan on going and let someone know when you plan to go and come back!
@yakwithalan don't people usually check that out before they head out? yikes
@fallingwater I don't think he expected the storm to hit @dougjohnson yep,and he seems to know how lucky he was
Seems pretty stupid to be out there but good that he was able to get inland in time
Why did he even head out with the weather like this?!