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Sooo the drama decided to torture us with no preview (yet) of Episode 9 for next week. Since we ended with Miyoung voicing her fear of falling for Gun, it already foreshadows that something is about to happen. I'm going to explode waiting for the next episode! Starting from Episode 9, I will be doing live recaps so stay tuned~ What do you think will happen?! LIVE RECAP: We ended off last week when Gun wipes Miyoung's tears and kisses her with fireworks lighting up the night sky in the background. Miyoung voices over that the nicer Gun is to her, the more afraid she is. When the day comes, she won't be able to let him go. That night, Gun crawls into bed beside Miyoung. He tries to explain his actions from earlier. He was just trying to wipe her tears but... Miyoung understands what he's trying to say and smiles to sleep. Gun is struggling not to hold her while they sleep, so much that he's even struggling to keep his arm to himself in his sleep. Miyoung watches him and chuckles as he she puts his hand under the blanket. She looks upon him and wonders if she's becoming greedy. -- The next day, he pauses in front of their front door in hopes for a kiss on the cheek LOL it's adorable! Miyoung promises to come to the company at lunch so they could eat together. Gun goes to the doctor again and asks if his genetic disease could act up any time. The doctor says it's not something that could be determined, but Gun hopes he could protect his baby for the next 20 years at least. Gun and Daniel sign a contract in front of reporters, putting on a friendly front. Through fake smiles they exchange banter. Miyoung comes to the office and brings intricately homemade lunches with her. There's one for him and one for her, and he asks if they could switch, so he eats the one with her face on it LOL. He starts to stare at her lips, learning in a little. But he stops himself and says, "I'll eat your lips," and eats the carrot from the lunchbox. -- Miyoung goes to see her mom in her new restaurant in Seoul. Gun surprises them with a plant to congratulate the opening and even puts an apron along with Miyoung to help serve customers. He takes all the heavy things for Miyoung :) Secretary Tak is even there, probably to help out Miyoung's eldest sister! There's a sweet moment where Miyoung stops Gun for a second to help wipe his sweat. At home, Miyoung is making a scrapbook to document her pregnant life. She writes a letter to kaeddong, saying she really feels that the three of them are starting to become a family now. Meanwhile, Sera takes out pictures of her and Gun in her wallet and reminices their time together. Her doorbell rings and it's her mom. Judging from her reaction, they don't have a good relationship with each other. -- Yong (Gun's stepbrother) presents a layout for the commercial Gun will be shooting for the company. There's a picture of Miyoung, and it was Grandma's idea to show a happy family as the concept. So at the commercial shoot, Miyoung and Gun take lovey-dovey couple photos with a photographer. Daniel finally arrives to the photoshoot site, and the two guys keep trying to block each other from the camera or getting closer to Miyoung, it's hilarious. Meanwhile, Miyoung's friend is there and she keeps trying to hit on Yong lol. Miyoung gets a phone call and her face falls for an unknown reason. When the photoshoot is over, Gun offers to take Miyoung home before going back to the office, but since Daniel is going straight to the cafe, he offers to take Miyoung home instead to Gun's discontent. Daniel notices that there's something wrong with Miyoung, but he doesn't press on when she doesn't want to tell him. She asks him to drop her off somewhere else. -- It turns out it was Sera who called Miyoung. She asks Miyoung, "Do you love Gun?" Miyoung can't answer, and Sera explains that she doesn't understand why a couple has to be together if their only reason is for their baby, because they're not in love. At the end of their meeting, Sera asks for Miyoung to keep it a secret from Gun that they met. Daniel bumps into Sera on her way out, and we see that there's a scar on her back. Outside, Sera's mom gives Sera a slap to the face. Out of anger and embarrassment, Sera walks off. Daniel asks why she would agree to a meeting like that. Miyoung in turn asks why he's getting angry, but he just replies it's because there's nothing he can do to help her when she's in that kind of situation. Of course, Miyoung asks for him to not be upset, because it's not anyone's fault. -- That night, Gun comes home to an empty room. Miyoung isn't answering her phone either. We cut to a scene that shows Daniel wearing a dangerously low button-up shirt and dancing with Miyoung, pulling her close to him. This just turns out to be Gun's imagination though LOL. When Miyoung gets home, Sera's words remain fresh in her memory. "I would go crazy if I had to stay in a relationship where there was no love. Gun would be the same," she said. When Gun finally sees her, he gets mad. What was she doing out so late?! But suddenly Miyoung hugs him, apologizing. It works, because all his anger just melts like snow in the Spring LOL. -- Gun and Daniel meet to test products and afterwards go to have drinks. They have their usual competitive remarks, and it leads to a drinking contest of sorts. At work, once the clock reaches 12, Gun laughs hysterically that it's time for the snail to crawl to him LOL. Miyoung doesn't decorate their lunch this time and promises to do it tomorrow, but Gun says tomorrow there's a company event he wants her to attend with him. On her way out, Miyoung sees her former boss from the law firm, and he confesses that he knows that their relationship is based on a divorce contract. Miyoung says reassuringly that she knows that it started that way, but not anymore. It looks like Gun has a meeting with the lawyer but we don't get to hear the contents of it. As Miyoung is rearranging the closet, she discovers the cuff links that Sera gave to Gun. Later she also gets a text from the lawyer to cheer up. It just makes her even more wary :( -- Miyoung goes to see her mom at the restaurant, and she overhears that they were only able to open the restaurant with Gun's money. Miyoung bursts into tears, sobbing that she can't receive anymore from him. Later that night, she looks at the contract, holding a pen, but we don't get to see if she signs it or not because Grandma comes in the room. She reminds Miyoung to not forget to go to the auction event. Miyoung tries to reject, but ends up going anyway. At the event, she runs into Daniel at the entrance. He notices that she has no escort, so he offers to be her escort and takes her up the stairs. Gun and Miyoung are officially introduced by the proctor. Suddenly, the proctor announces that there's an item personally donated by Miyoung. It happens to be the cup she decorated at Daniel's cafe with the drawing of Kaeddong on it. The bidding price starts at $10. By the look on Stepmom's face, it was her evil doing. Nobody steps up to bid for the auction, until Daniel offers up $100,000. He gets up to the podium and introduces himself as the designer, Daniel, and explains that Miyoung's cup is a real work of art, slowly turning heads from the audience. Gun stands up and applauds Daniel's speech, and bids for the cup at $300,000. Gun and Daniel go back and forth with bids, until Gun ends the battle at $3,000,000. This doesn't make Miyoung feel good, so she steps outside. Gun follows her out and asks her what's wrong. Miyoung says she was a fool. It was the first time she got greedy, because Gun was too good to her. She dreamed a dream she couldn't dream, that she could have the same happiness as others. She realizes that this is all her existance is to him. "Let's stop. I think it would be the right thing to do." She tries to walk away, but Gun pulls her back. Gun asks her when she became this selfish, when did she start ignoring everyone's feelings? "What about me? What about my feelings?" he asks her. Miyoung tells him that because he's so good to her, she keeps forgetting that they'll break up eventually. She's afraid that she can't bear to part from him in the end. Suddenly Gun pulls her into a kiss.
I am so anticipating epi11
good recap how about epi 11 so eager to watch it
@irelis27 You're welcome!! And thank you hehe :))
@kdramallama tanks so much for thee recap.... so excited to see the episode later! u r awesome!!!
Well! The episode is finished! I hope everyone enjoyed it :)
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