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The first time I watched this video, I was as shocked as the man recording: how could this happen?! I know going out on the water in a kayak is always dangerous, but this is crazy! Then I realized....its a commercial. In this commercial (the Korean version of a Powerade commercial series aimed at "going big"), a Killer Whale makes a big leap and lands on one of three kayakers nearby. After disappearing from the surface in the large splash, he eventually flips back over, and seems to be fine. Be cautious of wildlife: while this might not happen, it's not totally unrealistic: check out this video of a whale lifting up a kayakers boat earlier this week: http://www.vingle.net/posts/424766
I was going to say, I dont think this is real haha not that it cant happen though
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@pipeline hah yeah I was pretty shocked too for a few seconds
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