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I love missha! Missha is small businesses but goooood product! This essence can be used after putting toner one your face. It contains enzyme! It makes smooth and soft skin! You might know that it is same as SK2 essesnce. BUT SK2 is really expensive! WOW Love it It costs KRW 42,000. Well, it is more expensive than some cheap korean cosmetic. But you have to know about SK2. :D Have a good shopping!
WOWWWW the price difference is crazyyy
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yes but quality is similar!!!
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yeahhh I am a big fan of missha too!!! thanks so much for posting this skarfish, I always love reading korea beauty reviews, especially those from Korea!!!! Please share any good sources you know!!!
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@priscillalala thanx!!!!! :D I'm really happy!!!!!! What do you want about korean beauty? I really wanna know about your opinion!
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